Why Don't We Have Any Family Traditions?

I love January.  The holidays are behind us, and it’s all fresh starts and empty calendars and, of course, resolutions.  And if there’s anything I love more than January, it’s a good resolution.  

I have to say, I just don’t understand people who don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s really important to sit back and take stock of where you are in your life and how you operate in the world, and what it is you’d like to do differently.  It’s about self-reflection and self-awareness and setting goals, so that we’re not just passively moving through life, but actively creating lives for ourselves.  I love to ask people what their New Year’s Resolutions are; it’s always so interesting to hear what’s on people’s minds. 

I have lots of resolutions this year, but the one that’s the most important to me came up in December, when I was helping my son with a school project. It was a poem called I am From, and he had to write about, well, what he’s from.  So, for example, mine could be: I am from down the shore and summers at camp.  I am from saying what you mean, dogs are always welcome, and crossword puzzles on Sunday mornings.  That kind of a thing.  It was cute.