Every now and then we come across a book that we think our readers will want to know more about. Perhaps the author's personal story is compelling or the subject matter of the book especially relevant to modern working moms. Here you'll find some additional information about books we think are worth your precious time. 



A Guide to Choosing the Best Preschool for Your Child.

Like any parents, my husband and I wanted to find the best preschool for our son Josh—a preschool that would nurture him, teach him, and be a good fit for our family. But I quickly learned that this would not be as easy as it seemed.

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Are Women Too Busy to Shop?

A movement is in progress and they want YOU. It seems that everywhere you turn in the communications and marketing world, the topic of marketing to women is red hot. In all of the 20-plus years I have spent in the communications industry, I have never seen such interest in the topic.

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Your Husband Needs This Book!

My friend Sharon has always been a tad more practical than most when it comes to love and marriage. While I was trying to figure out how intoxicating a guy smelled on our first date, Sharon was asking HER first dates how they felt about sharing breadwinning and childcare duties 50/50.

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Everyone is Beautiful.

Every great love story needs a great obstacle. Obstacles heighten the tension and drive the plot. They energize everything. In a very real way, the love couldn’t exist without them.

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Ivy & Bean Brainstorm.

Until Ivy and Bean was published, in 2006, I didn’t know that I was writing about spunky girls. I thought I was writing about just regular girls. As far as I could tell, Ivy and Bean acted like my daughters, the kids I saw on the playground, and the person I remembered being a long time ago.

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13 is the New 18.

When my son turned 13, I thought we'd gradually transition to having a teenager in the family. Just like potty training doesn't happen overnight, and learning to read doesn't happen overnight, and mastering a two-wheeler doesn't happen overnight, I assumed that becoming a teenager was a gradual process.

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Head Of Global Marketing for Levis is All Chalked Up.

Jennifer Sey is the author of Chalked Up, a memoir about her time spent as a nationally and internationally competitive gymnast in the 1980s.

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Accidentally on Purpose: A One-Night Stand, My Unplanned Parenthood and Loving the Best Mistake I Ever Made.

Of the questions I've gotten repeatedly while on book tour for my memoir of unplanned parenthood, Accidentally on Purpose, (Ecco/Harper Collins) there is only one that stumps me. How did I write a book while working full time and raising my toddler as a single parent?

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B Sur Ur Kds No U Hav a Lif.

Youre thinking to yourself, My kids know I have a life. I work. I pay the bills. I keep them in juice boxes (or Juicy Couture, depending on the age group). Nope. Chances are, they do not know. Trust me. I have a job. I write two different blogs, and I am a contributing author to two books. I have another home-based business.

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She Wants To Be A Dragon Slayer.

Once upon a time princesses, fair maidens and damsels in distress ruled the pages of children’s books. But if you’ve been to Barnes and Noble lately mixed among the traditional classics are some kick-ass girl power books. It took a few decades but some publishing companies have finally gotten in touch with reality

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