Wendy Sachs
In Wendy Sachs's truly inspiring book, she interviews accomplished women to find out how they manage the working mom juggling act. Here, the interviewer becomes the subject. Wendy Sachs is an award-winning television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary and the author of the critically acclaimed book, How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms. Currently, Wendy works as a vice president at a NYC public relations agency. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Michael, and two children, Alexandra and Jonah.

Social Conscience or Too Scary for Kids?

My kids are now eight and six years old, which means they are still plenty self absorbed to believe that they are king and queen of the castle, but old enough at least I think, to start having some construct of a social conscience and a more accurate sense of the world. more

Class Mom Aspirations.

Last year when my son Jonah asked me to be the class mom, I responded “but I’m your mom sweetie,” I don’t need to be the class mom. He was temporarily disappointed, but didn’t push the point. This year Jonah was adamant. “Mommy,” he announced at the end of August, “you will be the class mom this year…you MUST.” more

Overwrought & Overprotective.

I will never forget Adam Walsh. The image of the sweet, smiling, gap-toothed six-year-old boy in his baseball uniform is forever emblazoned in my memory. more

Staring Facebook In The Face.

I love boys....always have.  There were the two Alans and a Brad, a Noah a Scott a Chris and a slew of Mikes...I wound up even marrying one. There were also the scandalous Todd and Lance.  And, of course, there was the beautiful Dutch guy, Iljan, my summer camp love. more

Stage Smothering: My Daughter, Reality TV and Me.

I hate reality TV….well, most if it anyway. I am so over the fate of Jon and Kate. And while I confess to Idol worshiping during the final few rounds each season and enthusiastically texting my vote to support the underdog, Kris Allen, I have little interest in keeping up with the preening, Botoxed, Married to the Mob Jersey girls on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. more

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