Christie Mellor
Welcome to a judgment free vent zone. Christie Mellor is the author of The Three Martini Playdate and The Three Martini Family Vacation. She has received enthusiastic reviews from dozens of media outlets, including Newsweek, People, US Weekly and Playboy. Christie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her two boys and a couple of high-strung ducks. She likes her martinis extremely well chilled.

It’s a Freelance Holiday.

There are a few downsides to being a freelancer around the holidays. Like for instance, no Office Party! No co-workers making out in the office-supply room. No boss making racist remarks while wearing Christmas-themed boxer shorts on his head. more

The Best Graduation Gift Ever.

It’s spring! Spring! Just a few more months of school! The sun is shining on a more regular basis, graduation is in spitting distance, and my son got into his college of choice. more


Marriages are crumbling around me. Two friends of mine, within a year of one another, left their husbands for other men. Another married friend of mine admitted--with not a lot of compunction--that he’s had a girlfriend for years, and sorta can’t wait until his youngest child (age 12) leaves for college so he can divorce his wife. more

Why I’m Not a Blogger.

For any of you keeping track out there, you might’ve noticed that my columns have become rather, er, sparse in the past several months. There’s been a certain amount of life going on. And I guess I just don’t have the Blogger’s Heart. more

Life Could Be Worse.

It’s two am. Life could be worse. Okay, so, looking in from the outside, it doesn’t look great. We took our kids out to a party, stopped at Subway on the way home as per the suggestion of the 12-year-old; got gigantic, sloppy sandwiches, came home, wolfed them down. more

Oh, Demon Alcohol!

Recently I was asked, first for and then for Time magazine — if I had any thoughts on the “drinking mom” trend. Because apparently, in light of the tragic Diane Schuler drunken car crash, the era of the chardonnay-swilling mama is officially over. more

Home, Home on the (Free) Range.

My son flew to Paris a few days ago, courtesy of his grandfather and college savings. The program where he was signed up to study French sounded professional and organized, but suddenly, in the days leading up to the fourth of July— his departure date—we couldn’t reach anyone to get any information about his host family. more

Our Summer Experiment.

The economy being what it is, and life being what it is, we have a summer full of… no plans. The original plan -- back before the heart attack, the job layoff, and an overdue book advance—was that my oldest son Edison would go to France for a French immersion language school (borrowing from his college fund set up by grandpa). more

The Three-Martini Makeover.

I’ve turned in my book, it was accepted enthusiastically, and now I’m venturing out from my bunker and looking around at the piles that have accumulated in my studio over the past few months. Parenting? Oh, yeah. That. I’m a little out of the loop. more

A Yabba Dabba Doo Time.

Under a crushing book deadline, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a wee bit lax about a few things. Along with the multiplying dust bunnies in every corner, too many take-out dinners, and the piling up of unpaid bills and unread magazines, there’s been a slight relaxation of our family “screen time” rules. more

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