Quick Survival Tips
How are we supposed to have "it all" when most of the time we can't even find it? If all our readers submit their top three tips for managing the chaos of modern motherhood, we will have quite a Survival Guide right here on these pages. Sometimes it takes a village just to keep your head above water. Please share your survival secrets.

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Love yourself and be happy!


Lose The Guilt.


I do a huge grocery shop on Sundays and spend an hour or so getting the lunches ready for the week.  It is actually surprisingly theraputic to stand at the sink chopping fruit and vegatables.


A glass of wine with a good friend can do wonders for one's mood.


Take a day and try your hardest NOT TO MULTITASK. Do just one thing at a time. It is hard to get used to but it feels great to actually focus.


Spend as much time as you possibly can with similarly situated, non judgmental friends. They will always make you feel better.


My only saving grace is shopping online.  I buy diapers and baby food in bulk from safeway.com; I buy all my son's clothes online; and every gift I have purchased since he was born has been off a website.  I can do all the shopping from my office during lunch.  Click by click chaos management.


I have found that the best thing no matter how tired you are is to do as much as you can in the evening.    I lay out the kids clothes and pack all the lunches before I go to sleep.   It is hard given that all I want to do when I finally get the kids in bed is collapse myself -- but the pay off is big in the morning.  It limits the a.m. pandamonium substantially.


Since time is space and space is time, keep stuff where you'll need it. I keep shoes in a basket by the door, not in the kids' rooms. I keep jackets right next to that. Hats are above that. Lunchboxes go right on top of the fridge. Any time I can move things to where I use them, like all the baking stuff together, all the blank paper/art supplies together... I can save time.


When you're all out of tonic water, a juice box is just the right amount of mixer for that pre-dinner cocktail.