Around the Watercooler

Want to commiserate about the Monday back to work blues or get tips on scheduling playdates from your desk? This is the place to quench your thirst for all things work/life related. Watercooler's editorial host is Jennifer Sey, the VP of global marketing for Dockers. She is joined by Vicki Larson, a journalist and single mom who writes at The OMG Chronicles Denise Berger, the global leader of the Women’s International Network (WIN) at Aon Corporation; and Kerry Rivera, a real mom from the "O.C." who is the Marketing and Advertising Manager for Toyota.

The Grass is Greener On My Husband's Side

I’m hoping to make it to the movie theatre this month to see the adult comedy “The Change-Up,” starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. For one, I definitely need to get a date-night on the books – with three kids, one being a toddling 11-month-old firecracker; we’ve sorely neglected couple time over the past year. But beyond the date, I’m finding myself eerily drawn to the plotline of wanting to swap lives with someone else – my husband. more

Bad Parents

It’s been quite the month at the house I share with my two sons, 20 and 17. Lying, stonewalling, sexting, violence, unprotected sex - you name it, and we’ve lived through it. more

Mom Loves You Best.

“Mom always liked you best,” Tommy Smothers used to jokingly complain to his brother Dick on their hit 1960s TV series, “The Smothers Brothers.” more

Not My Neighborhood.

I was invited to dinner with a work friend on Friday night. I generally like to stay home and feel sorry for myself on Fridays since I don't have my kids with me. Wallowing in loneliness has become my favorite extra curricular activity. more

Thinking of a Friend Because of the Unthinkable.

I get overwhelmed. I do. I think I may seem to have it together to the people I work with, to my friends. But sometimes I just want to fall apart. more

Dear Discreet Cougar.

A few days ago, I received a spam email addressed to Discreet Cougar. Yowzer. I am hoping I am neither, though that hope is likely in vain. more

A Day at the Park.

I took the kids to Panhandle Park this morning. A usual occurrence. We go when the sun is out to throw the baseball around. Virgil pitches, I hit and Wyatt mans the outfield. Today we had a few extra players. My brother Chris and his two little guys joined us, creating more chaos, and fun, than normal. more

Am I Doing This Right?

I've always worried a lot, panicked in some instances, about whether I'm doing things right. In a way that might bring approval. In a way that avoids descriptions like lazy, unfocused, undisciplined, stupid, mean. more

Working Mom as Supermom.

Given I just spent four months of my life on maternity leave, I was able to immerse myself in the world of being a stay-at-home mommy. I walked my kids to school, conversed with other moms at pick-up, made yummy (I think?!), home-cooked meals and focused on my kiddos 24/7. more

Working Mom, Ex-Wife.

I’ve been away. Not away away. But absent from my life. And now I’m trying to put it back together after separating from my husband of 15 years. more