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Tis the Season.

It is that time of year again when you must figure out what is a better
gift than an apple (or yet another mug) for your child's beloved
teacher, or what you could possibly give your brother that he won't
promptly return to the store.

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A step in the right direction

Teaching an old dog new tricks is hard enough, but when that dog is not even close to being middle aged and is looking for a serious career change, what was hard is seemingly insurmountable.

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Get Your Tech On.

Our friends over at Cool Mom Picks are pleased to announce their next ultra-cool project. Cool Mom Tech is designed to be your go-to site for mom-friendly tech solutions.

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Back to School Cool.

It is hard to believe that "back to school" is right around the corner. As we jump up and down with visions of a little peace and quiet, we also celebrate the smell of brand new erasers and the touch of those crisp folders that will soon be dog-eared from being shoved in those temporarily-clean backpacks.

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Food and Whine.

Wonder Woman and Super Girl are the stuff of legend. So are moms. Their crime-fighting, peace-keeping, home-cooking, power-jobbing, do-gooding ways deserve a little recognition for more than one designated day a year.

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Father's Day is in the Bag.

The Cool Mom Picks Father's Day Gift Guide includes plenty of non-traditional, homemade, and from-the-heart gifts that Dad will actually enjoy unwrapping. Plus, some of these gems will benefit you, too.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide.

When Mommytracked asked me to pick some of my favorite gift ideas for Mother's Day this year, I narrowed it down to oh, around 50. Coincidentally, the very same number of items that appear in the Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Gift Guide this year. What are the chances!

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See Jane Save Time.

We work. We manage to mother between meetings. We drive/fly/commute from coast to coast. We deal with the inevitable delays that come with it.

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It Takes a Village.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man are the stuff of legend. Their crime-fighting, public protecting, do-gooding ways have won them permanent places in the hearts of little kids everywhere who aspire to be as selfless and courageous in the name of a good as they are.

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Showered with Gifts.

It is baby shower season! Cool Mom Picks has just released their 2010 version of the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide.

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You've Got Mail.

Correspondence used to be a craft that was intimate, intentional and written in perfect penmanship. Mothers from generations past insisted that traditional, mailed notes were the best way to communicate any sentiment, but in this busy day and age where parents work, carpool, referee and travel, paper has become almost obsolete.

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Made With Love.

Sometimes, a kid needs to know his mom has his back. And, while a
homemade peanut butter sandwich with the crusts cut off really sticks
to those school-age ribs and show you care since you remembered to cut
them off in the first place, a positive message will stay with them
longer – and teach them something in the process.

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Color Me Glad.

Kids grow and go through clothes like Kleenex, seemingly blowing through clothing budgets like Suri Cruise.

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Me & Ro Rocks.

If it’s exorbitant and indulgent bauble-type gifts you seek, look no further than the children’s collection at Me & Ro, a luxe, trendy New York-based jewelry designer with a celebrity clientele that reads like Oprah’s address book.

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Monster Mash.

Did you know that 73% of children ages 4-12 are afraid of things that go bump in the night? Whether it’s hidden dangers under the bed, unknowns in the closet or simply something unsavory lurking in the shadows, most kids (and some of us, too) have been there at some point or another.

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