When Bad Parenting IS Our Business

I can imagine few things more horrifying than living for months on a 36-foot sailboat with a 3-year-old and 12-month-old.

You’d have to pay me, oh, about 20 million bucks to step foot onto a small sailboat with two young kids.

And even then, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't even take kids that age on an ocean liner cruise ship. For the simple reason that I would be endangering the lives of two small people who depend on the health and wisdom of responsible adults to keep them alive.  Taking physical care of young children and keeping them safe is the first commandment of parenthood.

But two weeks ago, after a year of preparation, romantically and lovingly cataloged on husband and wife blogs, a young couple named Charlotte and Eric Kaufman did just this.

Didn’t they watch The Perfect Storm?  Jaws?  Even Nim’s Island, for Chrissakes?  The ocean is no playground, even for adults. Much less two little girls.