Lowered Expectations

Two distinctly different pieces of paper taped inside one of my kitchen closet doors recently caught my eye.  It is amazing that I could see anything in that mess, actually.  I long ago ceded that 10 by 6 foot cave to the coats-snow boots-dirty laundry maelstrom of life with three teenagers, four cats, and a 75 pound shaggy black dog.

However, since the kids open these doors 20 times a day, the closet doors have evolved into a makeshift bulletin board capturing our family life.  There is a hodgepodge of pictures, memorable sports tickets, an honorable mention in an art contest. That kind of thing.

One old, ragged piece of red and white construction paper is taped at toddler eye level. When he was about five, my sports-obsessed son, who is now 17 and 6’2, decorated this poster with crude Magic Marker renderings of tennis racquets, basketballs, and an intricately stitched football. 

The headline proudly reads: Steiner Family Rules.

There are 10 kind and gentle family dictums, such as: 

4. Try not to hit or fight with others.