The Most Important Senate Bill You've Never Heard Of

Nothing beats childcare as a bore-everyone-to-tears parenting subject.  Long wait-lists; caregiver-child ratios; the pros and cons of in-home versus institutional care; the prevalence of germs; late fees; how to certify employees.

When that positive pregnancy test sent you over the moon, did you ever think your joy would be reduced to this?

When it comes to childcare, the details verge on grim.

Unless it is your child who is being cared for.

Then there are few things about which parents are more passionate. 

Once you have a child, there comes a rude awakening: you can’t accomplish anything, including getting out of your house to go to work, without high-quality, affordable childcare.  Unless you know your child is safe, you can’t get a single thing done responsibly; you are too busy holding back tears, calling every half-hour to check in, or wondering whether to install a secret camera in your child’s forehead (kidding!).