When Your Kids Ask If You've Tried Drugs...

Now that I have three teenagers, illegal drugs seem everywhere.  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s fatal heroin overdose.  Meth production glamorized on television. The heroin epidemic in New England where the kids’ favorite aunt lives. 

It’s not my imagination: Oprah even chose the subject for the premiere of OprahPrime last Sunday night. 

It doesn't help that marijuana is becoming less and less illegal every day.  And closer to home, literally. A few days ago, my hometown, Washington, DC, voted to eliminate jail time for marijuana possession. As any parent knows, it’s hard to argue with kids that they shouldn’t do something when there is no possibility of punishment.

The topic of illegal drug use is particularly troublesome for me as a parent because I used illegal drugs as a teenager growing up in Washington in the 1970s and early 80s.  It’s been 30 years since then, but I still consider myself an addict. I don’t drink or use drugs today and I have immense respect for how destructive (and seductive) they can be.  My kids know all this.