Judgy Kids?

My kids and I watched the Grammys on Sunday night (the first half, anyway), and we watched as Hunter Hayes debuted his song, “Invisible.”  

One of the lines caught my attention. It went, “Oh, and never be afraid of doing something different/Dare to be something more.”  

It’s not exactly an original idea, but as the mother of an eleven year-old girl, it definitely resonated with me. I think it struck a chord because, right now, for my daughter, conformity is the name of the game.  All I hear these days is how she has to have this or that, because “everyone has it.”  And when I ask her why she would want to have something that everyone else has, she looks at me like I’m an alien.

Now, I’m not exactly winning any awards for my daring sense of style.  I've never shaved half of my head, or put pink streaks in my hair.  I don’t have tattoos.  I don’t wear black lipstick.  In retrospect, I kind of wish that I had gone through a punk rock or a Goth or a hippie phase.  If anything, it would be great material for my writing.  But I just never had the nerve.  I was never quite daring enough.  

At the same time, however, I don’t have a problem with anyone who is. And yet, as we watched the Grammys, I noticed that my daughter had a comment for everyone.