My Working Mother AHA moment.

by Amy Eschliman and Leigh Oshirak, authors of Balance is a Crock, Sleep is for the Weak


As I sailed into my 10th month of pregnancy I was ready for life with a baby AND a job (or so I thought). Working motherhood wasn’t going to be easy, but I’d never backed down from a challenge before so I wasn’t about to start. I was certain that by applying my organizational skills to my life post-baby I would be good to go. You know if A, then B, then C. Check, Check, Check. Plan, stick to plan, create a routine etc. Little did I know that motherhood makes a mockery out of control freaks like me.


So saying I had one “aha moment” would be a huge lie. I had many moments that, much like the continuous sound of a leaky faucet, drove me to the edge of sanity. There was the epic schedule screw up at daycare that left me with only 3 days a week of coverage when I worked 5. There was the daily grind of dropping off at daycare at 8am and racing out at 5pm only to skid up ten minutes before it closed that after six months in a row had me foaming at the mouth. But the two moments when I realized I ABSOLUTELY had to make some changes were when first, a babysitter flaked on me when I was on a business trip and my husband was out of town and I didn’t have ample back up plans in place. I was on the opposite coast and completely in the lurch. And second, it was when my husband shortly after my return invited 16 people over for dinner and I went completely postal on him. The look on his face telegraphed loud and clear what he had probably been thinking for months: “That nut has lost the plot”…and he was right, too much stress had turned me into a BEAAACTCH with a capital B and it was time to make some changes.


So now when I sense my blood beginning to boil or notice that I’m annoyed with my husband more than he rightfully deserves, I just remind myself of the C-R-A-P acronym and then I squeeze and release and have that one magical glass of wine.