What is A Momtreprenuer Anyway?

by Allie Covarrubias of Ladies Who Launch

It’s ok if you have never heard the word “momtrepreneur” or don’t know what one is. The good news is that even if you can’t spell “quiche,” you still know one when you eat it. Likewise, you probably already know a momtrepreneur and have likely been amazed by her ability to multitask, spread energy and hook you up with a piece of gum.

A momtrepreneur is a woman who has created a family and created a business. How can you recognize one? She is typically seen at her children’s soccer practice, school play, parent teacher conference, in the carpool lane or at the grocery store scrolling through email messages on her Blackberry or Trio, scribbling notes on the back of an envelope, calling her clients or checking her messages, all while breaking up a fight between the kids, developing her next product idea in her head and beating herself up for not having done it all before lunch. It’s not her fault she does so much. As a natural creator, it’s in her blood. She relies on her brain and body and the occasional delivery guy to get her to her peak of creation – and that often results in long hours, little sleep, infrequent showers, multiple children and a few pets.

Yes, momtrepreneurs are a special breed. They part of a huge club whose potential members are more than half of the world’s population., each one unique, yet all living similar lives. If you have a conversation with a momtrepreneur you will likely be amazed by her energy, passion and ability to discuss 10 different topics ranging from who to talk to about getting her kids into the best schools, to how the meeting with her accountant went, to where she got such an amazing deal on all that new makeup (seriously, check this out: www.eyeslipsface.com ). She is intelligent, compassionate and always learning more.

Now that you know who you’re looking for, I invite you to ask yourself - what does a momtrepreneur need most? It’s easy to say and easier to do. She needs SUPPORT! Support from her family, friends, lawyers, accountants, doctors, therapists, local coffee baristas and from other like-minded people, especially women. Other women creators, both moms and non-moms, have an innate ability to see things in other women that they can’t always see in themselves, to network and connect with people and resources that can help, to listen without judgment and to think creatively. This kind of support is crucial to a momtrepreneur’s success.

What a great list. Check...check...check...all the way down, including number 12 added by the previous poster. Number 13 might be: You are sitting at the PTA meeting taking notes, but not about the school or the upcoming Bake Sale Bonanza. You are writing your ideas down for your business and you will take your notes home and integrate them into the business you are planning/daydreaming/organizing in your head while at the park, running errands, and on the computer late at night while your family sleeps.


I love all of those! Number 12 might be: You are making business emails at 11pm, and are getting each one replied to by all the other Momtepreneurs who are in their big work time - after the kids' bedtime and the chores!