Where For Art Thou TiVO?

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, but often the best innovations are inspired not by need but by greed and self-indulgence. TiVO, for example, is hardly a necessity but boy is it a media hedonist’s best friend.

According to a survey last year by TiVO, 91 percent of mothers would like to be able to watch their favorite TV shows any time they choose.  If you want to watch 7 back-to-back episodes of Dawson's Creek or America's Next Top Model – your TiVO digital video recorder will not even snicker.

“One of the toughest transitions for women is to become a parent,” Meredith Viera, television personality and mom has said. “We’re already stretched thin with the demands of everyday life, and the first thing to go is time for ourselves.” Maybe it is just us, but there is such simple pleasure in turning on the TV and watching just what you want when you want it. There’s a satisfaction inherent in watching TV in peace, but moms have an ever-changing schedule, making being available for, say, the Gray’s Anatomy finale unlikely at best. Recognizing this challenge, TiVO allows you to set season passes so you’ll never miss an episode of Entourage no matter what time it’s on. 

Of course, with TiVO, you can skip through commercials in seconds. It has other cool features, too – for instance, you can set the recorder to catch every single late-night interview with your favorite celebrity. TiVO passes no judgment even if that favorite celebrity is Ashley Simpson. If you are so detached from the current prime time choices, check out the insanely addictive popsugar.com’s WHAT TO TIVO feature. You will find the week’s most popular must record picks.

If you are still in the dark ages and haven’t invested in some sort of digital video recorder yet ---  get to it.   Put the kids to bed and pick up the TiVO remote. You deserve it.