When the School Schedules Events At Bad Times for Working Parents

Multi-Tasking Bad for Families: Researchers at the University of Michigan’s Brain Cognition and Action Laboratory recently said that multi-tasking taxes the brain and decreases concentration. A London Telegraph article singled out working moms – not working dads – as being in danger of multi-tasking burn-out. "And while multi-tasking has always been the case for mothers -- who can breastfeed and cook at the same time, for example -- and some fathers (although the ‘feminist’ jury is still out on that), the rise of computers, email and mobile phones means people are multi-tasking to a greater degree, and at much greater speed," the Telegraph reported. "So multi-tasking may have been the buzz word of the 1990, but its impact on family life is enormous, and it is now the subject of a four-year investigation by anthropologists in America who fear that it is damaging families." (June 2007)