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When Mommy Travels.

From time to time we’ve alluded on Mommy Track’d to the guilty pleasures of having to travel for work – the quiet time, the unshared bed, the luxury of a nice hotel bathroom, room service. The guilty part, of course, is leaving the kids. A sweet antidote to the gap our absence leaves is “When Mommy Travels,” a small paperbound lift-the-flap picture book featuring two small children whose mother goes on a business trip. Lily and George, left with their Dad, are unhappy because when Mommy is away, she can’t help them get ready for bed or take them to school or push them on the swing. But Daddy can, and for every page that features something Mommy can’t do while she’s gone, there’s a flap to lift showing what she can do – send them an e-mail, call them on the phone to say

“good-night.” Pictures and text also show what Mommy does while she’s away – goes to a meeting, uses her laptop, eats in a restaurant, sleeps in a hotel and, of course returns - to the sign Daddy helps the kids make that says, “Welcome Home.” With its simple text and friendly pictures, “When Mommy Travels” promises reassurance to very little kids – in very traditional families. Perhaps its one flaw is in presuming there’s a Dad (when there could be another Mommy) and that he’s present, when Mommy could very well be a single parent.


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