Staring Facebook In The Face.

I love boys....always have.  There were the two Alans and a Brad, a Noah a Scott a Chris and a slew of Mikes...I wound up even marrying one. There were also the scandalous Todd and Lance.  And, of course, there was the beautiful Dutch guy, Iljan, my summer camp love.  It was an exquisite romance – six weeks of intense, young passion followed by a year of heartache when he went home to the Netherlands.     


I was four when I shared my first kiss with my first Alan.  I fantasized about marrying him.  I worshipped Alan and wanted to dress like him.  It was pure and uncomplicated until he told me that he preferred Emily, a girl who looked like Pocahontas with jet black hair and bright green eyes.  She wore dresses and played with Barbie dolls.  I wore shorts and played with balls.  I remember sleeping in Alan’s trundle bed – we were both in kindergarten when he told me about his crush on Emily.  It broke my heart.  I was only 5 years old.


I couldn’t tell you what I ate for dinner two nights ago or remember the names of all of my college roommates and I’ve been known to even forget my home phone number, but strangely, I can’t forget the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I played Spin-The-Bottle at my 12-year-old birthday party and landed on Noah.  I leaned in to kiss him.  He pulled away.  I was crushed.


What is it about those first experiences, first loves, first heartbreaks that stay ingrained in you for all eternity? Thirty years can pass and I can still recall what I was doing and wearing when Brad, my fifth grade boyfriend, dumped me for Melissa.  We had only gone steady for 24 hours.  What could I have possibly done?


Those boys have been more than 1,000 miles away for more than two decades since I left Miami for Chicago then D.C. and now New York.  But Facebook has magically reconnected me to my past and all the complicated feelings of insecurity, nostalgia and obsession that are intertwined with those boys.


I do like boys too, most especially while facebookin, i go online to facebook n let myself be a new person, "A GIRL" in d real world am a 32yr old lady, but wats d harm in being a free spirit for a few hours a day after all am just punchin off on my pc!