Vacation All I Ever Needed … And More.

by Kerry Rivera


A week ago, as I got into my trusty Prius for the long commute home, I gleefully called my husband to report I was officially on vacation. We launched into the Go Go’s Vacation All I Ever Wanted, and instantly I felt a weight lift from my shoulders.


For nine glorious days, there would be no horrendous commute, no ironing slacks, no rushed mornings, no meetings, no deadlines … and no Blackberry. Vacation All I Ever Wanted, indeed. But more than that, I knew I desperately needed a vacation.


You see … the month of July was awful, and by the first week of August, I could feel myself crumbling. There was simply too much to do and too little time. The hours, lack of recognition and avalanche of assignments were no match. I started to get crabby. I found myself frequently closing my office door. I felt like I was failing at everything … and the tears started to well in my eyes. Not good … especially in the male-dominated auto industry. I knew if I could just hold out for a few more days, I would get those nine glorious days … but then what?


Don’t get me wrong, as I sit here typing away on the eve of my return to the office, I feel relaxed and happy and refreshed. Still, tomorrow, I will return to the sea of red e-mails, deadlines, meetings and internal clients who will want to know when, when, when. My pulse starts to race just thinking about it.


To be honest, there is not much I can do to control the work. Perhaps delegate a little more and take on a little less. But if there is one thing I realized as I hit my breaking point in early August, it was this – I need to do a better job taking care of myself.


Vacations come and go, and while my nine glorious days off helped my sanity, I need to do more for me in the months between those delightful breaks.


After a week camping in the rain, for me, coming back to work felt like a holiday!

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I'm getting ready to start my week long vacation. This year we're saving money and taking off in the rv. We're going to teach the kids what camping in the great outdoors is all about, yosemite here we come! I'm excited but at the same time I know we'll be exhausted, dirty and tired when we get home and then right back to work we go. I'm going to try my best to feel rejuvenated by the expereience of being outdoors and enjoying such an experience with my kids! When I return I'm making an "end-of the year list" and I'm going to find little ways to take care of me! Thanks for the article!


Kerry, great article. Your list is right on. You've inspired me to dust off my own spa certificate, given a YEAR ago. Yikes.