Voting Like It's 1999.

So. The Palin. Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor and have stopped the incessant head-shaking and screaming to the heavens, I can finally weigh in on this.


The question isn’t whether Sarah Palin is woefully under-qualified to be one heartbeat away from an elderly, cancer-prone man with anger-management issues who will do anything to get elected President and who has vowed to continue George Bush’s failed policies. It’s that she herself seems to be even more far to the right, more dissembling, more willfully out of touch with what concerns the majority of Americans.


Also, in all the hoopla, media attention, and slavish focus on the cipher that is Ms. Palin, people seem to have forgotten the guy who will actually be President. A man who used to be pro-choice, but changed his mind; a man who appropriately used to think that the Bush tax cuts were wrong, but changed his mind; a man who used to deride the mixing of religion and politics, but changed his mind.


A man who is also, if I may repeat, an elderly, cancer-prone man with anger management problems. Who has chosen for his running mate a woman who believes in Creationism. And that "Abstinence Only" actually works as well as comprehensive sex-education. And who can’t wait to start drilling up the Alaskan wilderness.


And should a major portion of the voting public go temporarily insane on election day, and should all those paperless electronic Diebold voting machines start mysteriously flipping their votes again like they did in 2004, and should those three to six million registered Democrats who have been taken off the voter rolls suddenly find that they aren’t allowed to vote on November fourth, we will in fact, be getting this dynamic duo in the White House.


So it’s more smoke and mirrors, and the under-informed American public is falling for it again. The Republicans, if nothing else, excel at putting incompetent people in charge of our government. So that when it fails, they can say, see? Government is the problem. We need less of it. Katrina, anyone?


If only we could see, blanketing the airwaves, a continuous loop of all of John McCain’s many complete "flip flops." If only Jon Stewart were in charge of the network news. If only Obama started using humor and ridicule to show what a bad idea four more years of failed policies would be. Next to footage of the happy crowds at the Republican convention chanting, "Drill Baby Drill," we would see footage of another crowd, holding up candles and mimeograph paper, and other low-tech twentieth century conveniences. They could chant like the angry torch-carrying villagers they are, "Don’t take away my carbon paper! We don’t need no stinkin’ electric lights! Who needs a computer, we got typewriters and dictionaries, don’t we?"



Let me begin by saying that I really am not certain WHO will get my vote in November. That said, I think it is interesting that rosaflor is concerned that Ms. Palin will "slide a Christian Fundamentalist agenda into the White House within five years." I am a woman, I call myself a conservative voter, I am a Christian, and in my mind the definitely UN-Christian agendas that have so far led our countries have not been perfect either, so what are all the liberal, non-religious people afraid someone with a deep faith in God will do? Make them worship a cross or read the Bible? I don't know that either candidate/party can "fix" the situation America has allowed herself to get into within their 4-year reign. To expect any one party to solve the problems that multiple people have created and led us into (and we followed willingly, bleating all the way) is extremely foolish, in my opinion. Can we make a difference? Yes, but for myself I see that difference being made in my own local sphere by living as the best mom/wife/teacher/Christian/person I can be. I am not counting on any other fallible human being to save me. It is up to me to do what I can in my own life and community, voting when I can, speaking up, writing letters, supporting individuals in whom I believe, praying, and STOP BLAMING ANY ONE ADMINISTRATION OR PERSON for the situation we now face. Let's all take responsibility for the fall into a less-than-desirable economic, political, moral and international world in which we live, then DO something proactively to change what we don't like. Think for yourself, share your ideas thoughtfully, and do your best to pass your hard-learned/earned values on to your children and others in your community. People will listen to you a lot quicker if you are knowledgeable without being overbearing, and if you are not just sitting on your front porch waiting for some prince to save you from what you don't like. Lots of good ideas from lots of your readers. Thanks for letting us be heard.


Thank you for this post. THANK YOU. Now please go take Leslie Morgan Steiner out to lunch and have a heart to heart talk with her about the legitimate reasons that Palin is unqualified. Oh, and in case I forgot, THANK YOU!


While I think she was a brilliant choice for her party (by Karl Rove, of course), I'm hoping that their Republican supporters are actually starting to listen to this woman speak and more importantly, answer questions. Every time she opens her mouth, she sounds like a parrot - even John McCain looks embarrased when she speaks.

She's uneducated, uninformed, and unintelligible. I'm starting to feel embarrassed for her - no wonder they are hiding her. There were so many bright, intelligent, educated, worthy women that the Republicans could have chosen - women who are role models, who would have been a credit to our gender and to those of us who have worked hard on our educations, our careers, and our families. I think it says a lot about how the Republicans feel about women. We're okay - as long as we do/think/say what the rich white men tell us to.


Not too mention all of the other problems. Please view this link to the new advisement (not advertisement) being put out by the Defenders of Wildlife, you will be totally dismayed at this 'woman' and yes, I use the term with trepidation and how un-womanly she is.


>>The Republicans, if nothing else, excel at putting incompetent people in charge of our government.<<

Now if you want to talk about incompetents, let's talk about our demo candidate. Here you have a man who nobody really knows anything about. He doesn't have a proven track record of setting any of his big wonderful savior to mankind changes into effect because he's only been in the senate long enough to run for the presidency. The one thing that I do know about him is that he supports the abortion of late term infants and giving abortions to under-age girls without parental consent. It makes me wonder . . . do ya think Mr. Wonderful would support his own agenda if his two little girls got pregnant and got abortions without him and his wife knowing about it? I think not. He's a case of do as I say, not as I do.


I find that I'm increasingly nervous about this election. Hillary did us no favors for hanging on for so long, and now she and her husband are offering lukewarm support. Bill cost us the 2000 election, and now they're dragging their feet on this one. I don't care if the person running is male, female, black, asian, white, gay - please just get us out of this mess!
Palin scares me. She is the anti-role model for my daughter.


By the way, before I am accused of simply Palin bashing he could have chosen any of these women and at least kept some of his credibility: Elizabeth Dole, Olympia Snowe, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Christie Todd Whitman, Jane Hull, Linda Lingle, Susan Collins...etc., etc, etc


I find the idea that any woman with even half a brain would vote for this ticket terrifying. Regardless of cancer or anything of that ilk , McCain gave up any chance of being respected as a maverick the day he allowed himself to be bullied into choosing a woman who is totally unqualified both in temperament and in knowledge. This country has just gone through eight years of lowering its own standards and losing respect for itself. We have watched people drown, gone to war for either no reason, a weak reason or a lied reason, depending on when you ask. We have watched our justice department fall to politics when its job it to look out for the legal rights of the country and its people. Now we have an economy that has gone down the toilet on this presidents watch. Is it all Bush's fault, no but LOTS of it is and the election of McCain and Palin will do nothing but extend the philosophies of this president for another eight years.


As hard as it may be to believe...there are a few extremely well-educated, hard-working, intelligent women out there who will vote for the McCain-Palin ticket...Not in a fit of temporary insanity...Not because of the media hype or lack thereof...Not because of hockey, lipstick, or beauty pageants from the 80's...Not because of, or even in spite of, age, being "cancer-prone", or SNL skits...Just maybe, there are a few voters out there who actually agree with the McCain-Palin platform...Just maybe?


I remember my college history professor talking about how, sixty years ago, some people refused to vote for Tom Dewey because he had a mustache (thought to made him look sneaky); we had a good laugh knowing that nowadays we were all informed voters who would never choose a leader based on such silly reasoning. So here we are now, with millions ready to elect Sarah Palin because she is a working mother. This is a woman who stands against issues that support the autonomy of women. A woman who has lied just about every time she has opened her mouth on the campaign trail. A woman who, when she lost a beauty contest in 1984, told friends she had lost because she had "failed to create enough drama around herself". A woman whose education is an embarrassment to those of us who bothered to go to school in any kind of serious way. A woman whose ties to religious extremism have indeed influenced her governance and now appear to have been responsible for her new prominence on the national scene. A woman who combines her motherhood with her sexuality, puts the combo out as bait, then smacks (or uses a proxy to smack) any media who happen to notice she is female. Sarah Palin has been called The Trojan Moose because under a facade of hair-do and designer glasses, under a surface of applause lines and zingers, under a fun cover of dangling infant and pregnant daughter and sexy husband and moose-hunting, she is meant to slide a Christian Fundamentalist agenda into the White House within five years. That is documentably her planned destiny. If we mothers are smart enough to do all we do, we should be smart enough to read the fine print here. Sarah Palin should be called Sarah Appalling. But "appalling" is not an adjective strong enough to describe those who will vote for her (forget silly old McCain) simply because she is white, vs Barack Obama, who is black.