One of your concerns when you were pregnant with Liam, (which I think we can all relate to), was that you would “poop on the table.” If you hadn’t have had a c-section, would you have let Dean look “down there?”


If I hadn't had a C-section I absolutely would have been paranoid about pooping the table. Luckily Dean and I share everything so YES . . . I would have asked him to check to see if I had done the deed!


Even though I’m not a celeb mom, I find myself turned off to some of the moms here in town. What kind of moms and friends do you hang out with? Do you go on any play dates, or attend any playgroups or 'mommy and me' classes?


I'm lucky . . . My girlfriends and I all seem to be having babies at the same time. In fact my best friend Jenny and I had 2 pregnancies together with all babies being a month apart. We do try to do play dates and family dinners when we can. Liam and I are currently in a toddler program together.


When you do have downtime, which is probably rare, how do you spend it? Movies you watch? Something you do with Dean that takes you out of work mode and away from the celebrity and Hollywood world for a minute?


When we have the rare no work moment we just like to be home-bodies with the kids. We like to cook, and watch movies together (in fact I think to date I've seen the animated feature CARS 22 times), go biking together, on walks, go to the park, and just BE. And, occasionally Dean and I take a date night out and love to get sushi locally in our neighborhood!


If Inn Love had really taken off, would you have committed to that full time? Do you always want to stay in the spotlight or are there hopes that down the road you will explore other careers and dreams, like opening up the French Fry shop…?


The Inn worked out the way it was meant to. It truly was a 24/7 job. I wanted time to focus on being a mommy. We can never get this special time back with our babies cause they grow so fast and I couldn't do both. Sometimes I do envision just being a stay at home mom but not working isn't an option for me currently. I need to work to support my family. I love being creative though so coming up with new business ventures is always on my mind. In fact I just started and designed my own children's clothing line called Little Maven. It'll hit stores in the fall. It'll be carried at many places such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, Intuition, and Kitson Kids. I'm very proud of it!


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I started watching her reality show while I was pregnant and she was pregnant with her second and I totally related to all her fears, some that I myself felt weird asking my own dr. I was crying when she was about to go in for her c-section because I was so afraid (about my pregnancy) and it made you realize your not the only one with those fears. All I have to say is I love her not because shes a celebrity but because shes a real person and has the same feelings as so many pregnant women have and is not afraid to let it be known.

Mama Chams

I'm sorry I didn't mean to say despite. I mean aside from. )whew! no disrespect.

Mama Chams

I enjoyed this article. I must admit after watching her reality show it showed a different side to her. she is a regular individual. As regular as you can get despite her celeb status. Also my husband was all to happy to enlighten me about the DEED at the birth of our 2nd son. Yes I was a little surprised but hey, having a baby takes all the dignity and hang-ups you have away. Wishing them well!