For actress Tori Spelling, there’s no such thing as slowing down. Between taping scenes for her upcoming debut on the new 90210, premiering April 14th, filming a new season of Oxygen’s Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, launching a children’s clothing line, and spending time with her darling husband Dean and their two children, Liam and Stella, Tori is the ultimate multi-tasking modern mom. Her candid and all-too relatable fears during her pregnancy charmed audiences and made viewers feel less crazy. In an exclusive interview, Tori Spelling opened up to our new contributor, Jenny Herschko, about poop (hers, not the kids), the ridiculous things people say to us when we’re pregnant, and of course about the world of MOMMYWOOD . . .




MOMMY TRACKED: What projects you’re working on right now…Is there a premiere date set for Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood? What can audiences look forward to?


Tori Spelling: As far as work... My book MOMMYWOOD is being released April 14th and my premiere episode as Donna Martin back on the new 90210 is also on April 14th. We are currently filming the new season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood right now. Lots of excitement as we try to juggle 2 babies and careers in Hollywood. But my most important role still remains... Mommy!


Tell me how life has changed with two babies under the age of 2. Has Patsy moved in full time? How has it changed things for you and Dean?


Having 2 babies so young... Liam just turned 2 and Stella is 9 months is a lot of work. It's a lot of POOP! But it's so rewarding to see them begin to interact and start to play together. I'm lucky that I have such a hands on husband. Dean is amazing! Patsy our baby nurse is still with us and will be with us till June. It's a lot more gear with 2 and we eat a lot more meals in but we love every moment of it.


My son is about 6 months younger than Liam and it’s sometimes hard for me to imagine sharing that attention. I’m wondering, how did you know you were ready for baby #2?


I didn't know I was ready for #2. Stella was a very pleasant surprise. We always knew we wanted more children so we just figured the time was right cause fate stepped in and brought us Stella.


I loved watching Tori & Dean: Inn Love because I feel like I had some of the exact same “shpilkes” as you while I was pregnant. Did you have any of those same concerns while pregnant with Stella? Or were there new, different ones?


I am bundle of nerves riddled with irrational fears. With my 2nd pregnancy I had most of the same fears with a slew of fun new ones added to the mix. Thank goodness I'm friends with my OB/GYN Dr. Jason Rothbart cause he kept me sane. I must have texted him a million times during both pregnancies.


Me and Tori Spelling are around the same age.I grew up watching Tori Spelling on 90210.I love Tori Spelling and I’m happy that she stress free.She has a beautiful family,I’m sorry her late father not here to see her to little angel.Tori Spelling is looking amazing.There is an extensive archive of videos and pictures of tori at http://www.downloadtorrents.org .


I started watching her reality show while I was pregnant and she was pregnant with her second and I totally related to all her fears, some that I myself felt weird asking my own dr. I was crying when she was about to go in for her c-section because I was so afraid (about my pregnancy) and it made you realize your not the only one with those fears. All I have to say is I love her not because shes a celebrity but because shes a real person and has the same feelings as so many pregnant women have and is not afraid to let it be known.

Mama Chams

I'm sorry I didn't mean to say despite. I mean aside from. )whew! no disrespect.

Mama Chams

I enjoyed this article. I must admit after watching her reality show it showed a different side to her. she is a regular individual. As regular as you can get despite her celeb status. Also my husband was all to happy to enlighten me about the DEED at the birth of our 2nd son. Yes I was a little surprised but hey, having a baby takes all the dignity and hang-ups you have away. Wishing them well!