Time Keeps On Ticking, Ticking, Ticking . . .

Time is marching all over your face but you have no time to deal with it. Plain old everyday stress and family/work related tensions have begun to show. Fifty may be the new thirty, but try telling that to your skin, which started its steady slope downward when you were still playing spin the bottle. Hundreds of magazines splash photos of airbrushed models and movie stars at us, aimed at getting us to believe we can look just like them. We know it’s all smoke and mirrors. But let’s face it: when we look good, we feel good; and when we feel good, we perform well.

So what now? You know there are countless products and services out there to help slow the clock, but you have no time to figure out what they are. We have some suggestions. First, flip through Your Future Face, by Dennis Gross, or Oprah’s recommended Your Best Face Without Surgery.  Jammed packed with helpful information in basic easy to understand terminology, these books demystify, distinguish and debate the merits of using topicals, peels, microdermabrasion, injectibles, lasers and even the controversial Botox.

If finding the time to read these books is as likely as magically waking up tomorrow with skin that looks like your three-year old’s, just pick up the Bliss Sleeping Peel Serum.  We love this product. It works while you sleep. Now that is what we call multi-tasking.  As the packaging says, "why lose sleep over wrinkles when you can lose wrinkles while you sleep."      

If you are interested in investing in some major time travel, a word of caution: beauty spas and laser centers seem to beckon from every corner and every mall. If you’re considering anything other than a product available over the counter, it’s important to find a good dermatologist. A good one can help you dial back the clock – and dial up your self-esteem. Indeed, as the noted San Francisco dermatologist Richard Glogau has said, “you’re only young once, but you can be beautiful forever."