Susan McLain

Sleepy? Yes. Braindead? Nope. Not for Susan McLain, the genius behind The Baby Einstein Company. As VP and General Manager, Susan is responsible for managing strategy development, leadership and market growth, consumer communication, and product expansion for the Baby Einstein Business. When her 2 ½ year old daughter Kiera was born, she definitely struggled to get over the mommy guilt and develop a rhythm with work and home life. Now, with baby number 2 on the way, Susan McLain opens up to contributor Jenny Herschko about how life in the (baby) fast lane, may change.





What came first in your life: Baby fever or Baby Einstein?


Actually Baby Einstein. My sister had a baby about 8 years ago and introduced me to the product. She loved the DVDs and was a huge fan of the CDs — they seemed to work magic on her baby. In 2003, I began working on the Baby Einstein DVD business and I immediately understood the passion communicated by moms. In 2006, my daughter was born and I was able to experience firsthand the happiness and excitement our products bring to baby and parents alike!


You are definitely a busy, full time working mom. What kinds of things do you tell yourself to get over the mommy guilt?


I’ve come to terms with things since having my daughter 2 1/2 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, the first few months back at work were really difficult — I ached to be home with my child. But, now we have our own little rhythm that seems to work for us — we enjoy some time together in the morning and then have our evening routine that involves playtime, bathtime and our bedtime ritual. And, one perk is that I am much more focused and organized than I ever was which has helped me at work, at home, even running errands. Now, as I await the arrival of baby #2, the question is whether or not I will be able to maintain this routine or if I will start completely from scratch.


Do you think you’d be as invested and passionate about your job/company if you weren’t a mother? Meaning: At a certain point, would all the cute characters drive you nuts if you didn’t have a child?


Baby Einstein is an amazing brand, and it’s one that I first experienced through others which I think is even better. I worked on it for 3 years before I had my first child and was excited when the opportunity to manage the entire business came my way because I truly believed in the products and had experienced the positive impact the products had on so many families — mine included! It is a line of products that I care about as much as if I created it myself, so right now I can’t imagine getting tired of working on it — it really is fun!