Five Steps to a Balanced and Happy Life.

by Sophie Blondeau, Life Coach for Women


For many of us, a happy and balanced life feels like a fleeting dream, something
reserved for a handful of superwomen. The truth is, however, we can all achieve it.
Yes, getting there requires a strategy and focus, but it is do-­‐able. To that end, here
are five steps you can take right now to get on your way.


As you undertake this journey, it is important to always be aware that your goal,
your happy and balanced life, is not an end state; it’s a life you create and negotiate
on a daily basis. And that each of us has a unique version of a happy and balanced
life. Don’t worry about the super mom down the road, the gold standard is how
balanced you feel.


Now, let’s get you on your way.


1. Take a Life Inventory
You need a starting point. Draw a circle and divide it into eight sections.
Label them with the following headings: Health, Family & Friends, Career,
Finances, Physical Environment, Fun & Recreation, Personal Growth and
Marriage/Significant other. Give each section a rating, on a scale of 1 to 10,
based on how satisfied you are (don’t fudge, be honest with yourself). Look at
your wheel and pinpoint what is keeping you off balance. What areas are
working well? What areas need improvement? What area are you the most
motivated to work on?


Okay - you lost me at "draw a circlde"...I don't have time to do that!