Plan Your Summer Garden Now.

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore


Get close to your kids this summer by teaching them the joys of a summer vegetable garden. It’s not that time intensive, and might even pay dividends at the dinner table.


  • Plant a vegetable garden with the kids and teach them how to determine when ripe or ready for picking – may help them eat their veggies if they know the work that went into cultivating them!
  • Put together a schedule of when the vegetables should be coming up and ready to eat.
  • Get kids interested in gardening through reading. Books like Gardening Wizardry can go a long way in peaking their interest (Gardening Wizardry is a kid-friendly book that includes colorful histories and folklore of common fruits, vegetables, and herbs, along with indoor growing projects and engaging investigations. 224 pages; gr pre-K-6.)
  • Find interesting recipes for each veggie you planted to try when they are ripe.




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