KinderCare: The Secret to Keeping Kids’ Summer Blues at Bay.

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What kid doesn’t look forward to summer? No rushing around, no homework or studying, no stress; just lots of free time to do whatever he or she wants and hours and hours of daylight to do it in. And then at some point, the magic of summer starts to disappear only to be replaced by two words that send ripples of fear through even the most-grounded parent: “I’m bored!”


As much as kids love the warm, lazy days of summer, the lack of a routine can make them feel a little out of whack — not to mention their parents. There are just so many hours a kid can spend at even their favorite pool, park and children’s museum, or sitting around the kitchen table crafting paper-bag puppets and lanyard keychains without it getting old. Fast.


That creates a challenge for families: how can they keep their kids entertained and engaged without losing their mind and straining their budget? The time and energy required to keep kids happy during the long summer is a lot for any parent, regardless of whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, a dual-income family or a single parent. And as much as parents want to be able to provide that for their kids, it isn’t always practical.


Enter the day camp.


Most communities have a variety of day camp options available, but not all day camps are created equal.