School Memory Book.

Congratulations to Denise Ziemann for winning The Organization of Moms' $2,000 Grand Prize!


Here is her winning entry:


I made a school memories binder for each of my kids using an Avery 1 1/2" EZ turn ring binder and Avery Premium Heavyweight Sheet Protectors. Each grade is divided with Avery Tab dividers. Every year I have them fill out a template “questionaire” of all there favorites. I slip it in the beginning of the year along with anything else throughout the year I want to save. Art projects (if they are too big i take a picture and put the picture in), report cards, holiday cards from school, certificates, etc….
I have also laminated some of the special ones for extra protection.
The next phase is getting Avery baseball card sheet protectors and putting a wallet sized picture of the kids in each year!


Three Avery School Memory Books


You can slip more than one project / card in the sheet protectors.


Even oversized or odd shaped projects will work in the sheet protectors.



For more tips, check out The Organization of Moms!


Congratulation Denise for winning a Grand Prize. It's a big achievement for you that you wan a The Organization of Moms' award.
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Love this - what's on the questionaire??


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