Quick Survival Tips
How are we supposed to have "it all" when most of the time we can't even find it? If all our readers submit their top three tips for managing the chaos of modern motherhood, we will have quite a Survival Guide right here on these pages. Sometimes it takes a village just to keep your head above water. Please share your survival secrets.

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You can't do it all no matter how much of a superwoman you are so don't sweat the small stuff that you can't control.


This summer, I started using the gift section on heifer.org. It's an unbelievable charity - for $20 you can help an entire community improve its nutrition and economy. Set personal emails to be sent on a specific day or print cards off the website and add a gift insert that explains what that flock of chicks will do to help a poor family. For kids, I include small gifts with the card.


I spread my laundry out over the week. Dark Laundry is Wed. Whites are Thurs. A load of delicates in Woolite on Friday morning before work or Thurs. night. Sheets and towels on the weekend. I often will go to bed with an extra load washing and I will put it in the dryer in the morning. I try to fold as clothes come out of the drier or while watching tv.


Join a babysitting club


We treat our kids, but forget to treat ourselves....who looks after mommy if mommy doesn't look after herself?


I called out sick from work and went the the beach all by myself. It was great!


Online grocery shopping and Let's Dish (or other meal assembly stores) have saved my life!


I created 2 very simple healthy menus and use them every other week. Monday is always grilled chicken, Tuesdays = tacos, Wednesday = pasta, etc. I just use this easy rotating schedule of healthy and super easy dinners. This has eliminated so much of that 6 p.m.-drive-home-from-work worry of what I'll feed the kids.



When I do laundry, I fold/place complete outfits in a cubby marked for each day. Each morning, she grabs an outfit and dresses herself. No more arguing (she chooses) and I don't worry about whether she matches. Now, I get to finish a whole cup of coffee each morning before I head off to work.

Mrs. Stevens