Quick Survival Tips
How are we supposed to have "it all" when most of the time we can't even find it? If all our readers submit their top three tips for managing the chaos of modern motherhood, we will have quite a Survival Guide right here on these pages. Sometimes it takes a village just to keep your head above water. Please share your survival secrets.

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I cook two big meals on Sunday afternoon and then alternate between them during the week. That way, when I get home from work, a hearty, healthy meal is ready and waiting.


On your commute to and from the office return phone calls and catch up with friends and family. That way when you are home you can focus your attention to your little ones and the biggest child of the all your HUSBAND!


1) Keep one calendar. I am currently using a Franklin Covey COMPACT system. Having just one keeps it all together.
2) Go grocery shopping after work one night during the week. If you can, go during the time the most popular show are on T.V., you will have the store all to yourself.


when my son started elementary school, we created a schedule. not only does it help me cope, but it teaches him time and time management. ie he knows that dinner is at 6 and then from the time we finish dinner(say 6:25) till 7 (homework time) is his time to free play in his room. he is mentally ready to do homework at 7.


Stay calm. No matter what happens. So long as your children are fine, there is NOTHING that can happen at work that cant be solved. (p.s. can you tell I'm having a really stressful morning???)


Amen AmyF! Children can and will make their own lunches. And even my 3 year old can unload a clean dishwasher. I'm lucky to have large drawers in the kitchen island where we store all the plates and cups, so the children can access these areas.


We never seem to have an ice pack in the freezer for boo boo's.I wrap a bunch of ice into a diaper and fold it as though I'm folding a diaper to toss.The diaper keeps the ice from melting too fast and keeps it from being TOO cold.When they're finished with the "ice pack" they can just throw it out.AND if they forget and leave it lying around, there's no mess to clean up from the spilled water!


Buy and use a slow cooker. Fill it at night, pop in the fridge. In the morning, turn it on. Come home and dinner is done.


If at all possible, avoid getting dressed for work until AFTER you've given your toddler breakfast. There is nothing more depressing than discovering you have yogurt smeared across the back of your suit once you're at the office.


lunches. check out laptop lunches.com amazing system for waste reduction, plus the kids just love to find things to go in those compartments