Quick Survival Tips
How are we supposed to have "it all" when most of the time we can't even find it? If all our readers submit their top three tips for managing the chaos of modern motherhood, we will have quite a Survival Guide right here on these pages. Sometimes it takes a village just to keep your head above water. Please share your survival secrets.

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Don't do the lunches at night. Make your kids do their own lunches. You'll be amazed at what they can do themselves. Also, make them load and unload the dishwasher.


While you are cleaning up after dinner, set up your coffee pot for the next morning. If your pot has a timer, set it so that you can wake to a fresh pot and avoid the cost of getting coffee while you are on the run.


Whenever you can, take a walk in the morning pushing the tyke in the stroller. Not only does it give him/her fresh air, but you start the day with a little exercise and get those endorphins flowing. When I do that, I have a much brighter outlook for the day and don't worry that I don't have time to be a gym-rat!


Follow your passion! My passion is not cleaning my house it's running my businesses, so I have someone who loves to clean come twice a month. I spend 30 minutes every day with the kids and we are all doing the chores. It's called the 30 minute makeover! We set the timer and we all zoom. The kids are getting smarter and know if they keep it clean, it can be reduced to a 10 or 5 minute drill.


Never forget that a happy mom=happy kids.


i am a single mom of a very precosious 5 year old. How did I finish all of my Christmas shopping and mailing three weeks before Christmas, Amazon.com and Lands End. I let them wrap and ship. Yes it is a little more, but soooo worth it.


Up the bliss factor I find that sometimes the hustle and bustle makes me feel like a deprived and over-obligated Mommy. So, I plan or sneak a splurge a week -- maybe a extra rich hot chocolate and fifteen minute walk around the block or buy myself a flower and sniff away at my desk. A little break seems to make all the difference.


Maybe this goes without saying -- but get a PDA (Blackberry/Treo) and if your work lets you -- put both your work and home email on it. Keep ONE list of things to do on your PDA and put everything in it. Make sure it syncs wirelessly and you'll never lose your info! It allows me to get stuff done when I suddenly find a few moments free -- in line at the grocery store etc.


Take public transportation to work whenever you can. It is the only time I have to read or zone out to my iPod. I don't have to stress about traffic and I save a lot of money on expensive gas.


If you can't find a sitter go to Sittercity.com and enter promo code HAPPYDANCE to get $10 off (you did not hear that here:) They have literally hundreds of thousands of babysitters, nannies, petsitters, senior care and I think housesitters too. The 4-step screening includes background checks and is worth checking out.