Quick Survival Tips
How are we supposed to have "it all" when most of the time we can't even find it? If all our readers submit their top three tips for managing the chaos of modern motherhood, we will have quite a Survival Guide right here on these pages. Sometimes it takes a village just to keep your head above water. Please share your survival secrets.

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When I tell myself everything will be ok (when I know I'm overwhelmed)I manage to get more done and be less stressed. I'm trying not to be so rigid/serious and let minor things go, such as messy living rooms(mostly toys). I know we'll get things organized by night fall. Extra sleep on some days. If you can get your husband or loved one to agree-thankfully my hubby does. I am so grateful.


Smile, take a deep breath, and sit down for a minute.


Have the sitter come 15 minutes before you think you need them.


Reduce time at malls searching for the perfect gift by buying gift cards instead. The gift is practical and you have a huge range of prices to choose from-from $5 coffee cards as thank you gifts to $100 or more for special occasions!


Having 4 boys all a year apart, I found 2 tips useful, color code with a permant paint pen on toys and the best is put dots on tags of clothes 1 dot the first 2 dots second and so on,(When the oldest outgrows his and the dot for the next child.) this way there is no issues with laudry or fighting over who is whos.
Mom of 4 boys


I bought a shoe organizer unit, which is about 3 ft by 3ft, & has 25 "cubby" spots for shoes. When I do the laundry, I put together matching clothing "sets", (plus underwear & socks) & put them in each cubby-hole. The girls each have room for 12 outfits. This allows them to make their own wardrobe choices, & I know it matches. Be sure to pick out clothes before going to bed!


I have found losing the guilt over the screen time my kids enjoy, which frees me up for a few moments to do...whatever I need to...uninterrupted, has been invaluable. Finding quality content, like http://www.MobiStories.com, for them lets them enjoy their iPods or computers & get something good out of that time. And I can finish making dinner, or finish a blogpost, or emails, or........


Delegate. You'll be shocked at what a 5 year old can do when they know that they "job" is important.


"In the beginning" 5 years ago when my then 8 & 9 yr old granddaughters came to live with me, it was chaos! The first 3 things I did ... 1) All book bags go in one place so we can find them, 2) an "In" box for Grandma for all school papers for signing, notices, etc., and 3)take 5 minutes before bedtime to straighten up the house. The girls straighten their bath and bedroom too.