How are we supposed to "have it all" when most of the time we can't even find it.  If there is one thing that binds all modern mothers together it is our certainty that we in fact can't have it all -- at least not all at the same time.  In our Survival Guide, you will find tips and tricks from our esteemed editors on how to stay sane, get organized, take shortcuts, stay connected to those you love and even treat yourself from time to time.  

Sarah Welch is one of the founders of Buttoned Up, a company dedicated to helping busy women get organized sanely across the spectrum of their busy lives. She is also the co-author of Everything (Almost) In Its Place: Control Chaos, Conquer Clutter and Get Organized the Buttoned Up Way

Menus in your Inbox: Meal Planning Made Easy.

A lot of us find that the main reason we go to the farmer’s market is to take our kids to the jumpy house and to get a bag of kettle corn. But as we walk through the aisles, enjoying the flavors and colors of the seasonal produce, we wonder how to include these treasures into our repetitious dinner menus. more

Hurry Up and Relax.

by Nora Isaacs, author of Women in Overdrive: Find Balance and Overcome Burnout at Any Age


Working Moms: Just Say No.

By Nora Isaacs, author of Women in Overdrive: Find Balance and Overcome Burnout at Any Age As a writer, I get a lot of requests for help from complete strangers. They send me emails wanting to know how to hone a pitch and break into the journalism business. They have burning questions: Should they email an editor or call them? Should they take a copywriting course or a proofreading one? more

Tested Time Savers.

Do you ever have that nagging suspicion that you really could get everything done-wash your hair, feed your kids, kiss your husband more-if you just had oh, about a million extra minutes in your day?


Head in the Sand.

Making sense of something like the Israel-Hezbollah conflict seems to require a Ph.D., something far too daunting for working moms who barely have time to brush their teeth. But staying connected to the outside world is possible with the help of some great online resources. more

In Case Of Emergency.

ldquo;It is ultimately our own responsibility to be prepared. No one is going to do it for us”, explains Cari Butler, emergency preparedness expert, mom, and owner of Emergency Café, a one stop web site that carries all the items you need in the event of an earthquake or emergency situation.


Holiday Survival Tips Working Mom Style

The parties. The presents. The chance to see out-of-town friends’ kids one year older in an avalanche of photo cards. The holiday season has lots of upsides, but excess down-time isn’t one of them. Hence, our survival tips. From time-savers to sanity-savers, they’ll help you survive the next few weeks with a little less pre-season stress.


Muchas Gracias.

According to the Emily Post Institute, “we all have to write thank you notes.” Unfortunately, you are not excused just because you are stretched too thin, more than overextended, multi-tasked out and totally exhausted.


Handwriting Checks Is So Passe.

What will buy you more time to complete your overdue budget report, to cook yet another hot dog dinner for your kids or, god forbid, to watch the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that you TIVO’d three weeks ago but still haven’t had a chance to watch?


Travel Working Mom Style: Pack Some Sunscreen in that Briefcase.

A recent article in The New York Times suggests women are finding time to enjoy themselves while traveling on business, in some cases, by simply getting away from the noise and everyday responsibilities at home.


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