Tweet This!

by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor


Twitter can bite me. Yeah, I know, I know, get with the social media program or get left behind. It’s not like I don’t have a Twitter account. I do. I got my account about a year or so ago so that I could keep up with the Joneses (if it’s even called the Joneses –seeing as I know no one with the last name Jones and I’m way behind on hip terminology –I still use “phat” as an adjective) but I’m having trouble giving a shit about what anyone tweets or twats or twitters or whatever you call it. Whatever! I’m forty-three, I still refer to my iPod as a Walkman and please don’t bother correcting me, so I’m not going to burden myself with learning the correct twitter lingo.


The thing is, every time I go on twitter, I see the same ten people “talking” and I use the term “talking” loosely about their kids’ poop consistency or color and despite the warning that “this may be TMI” or the slightly self deprecating, LOL after the shit description, I find myself wondering, If it’s too much information, why bring it up?


Really, why talk about anything at all in 140 word increments? But definitely why that?


Am I just getting intolerant in my old age or is talking about your kid’s latest food allergy best saved for a phone chat with a girlfriend or for when you’re fishing for conversation ideas in the produce section of Trader Joe’s with that woman whose name you can’t remember but you vaguely recall your kids went to My Gym together in 2006? Because sure, when you’re confronted with a situation that absolutely begs for small talk then by all means, break out the poop chat, but otherwise, I don’t want to hear it.



Oh, I sooo hear ya on this. I am really trying to like Twitter. I am. But I just don't. Like you, I know it's something I "should" do to promote my own site and blog, but I am struggling to get on board.


Twitter sucks, who can keep up and why would you want to? Isn't that was Facebook 'status updates' are for? I waste too much of my life online, with email, facebook, blogs, and now I should look at twitter too? Uhh, no thanks. Except yours, Stephanie, only yours.


ok- I admit Twitter can get obnoxious and tiresome but I take offense at your Food allergy comment. When you are the parent of a child with a life threatening condition support is incredibly important and helps you to you are not alone or an outcast or some leper society feels should be avoided and looked down on. Your comment just confirms that we are considered less than important in the eyes of those fortunate enough to have healthy childre. Consider your self BLESSED to not have a child who could die from one bite of a food that looked safe had hidden dangers. Tweeting about what's happening with our children, their treatment plans, and new research is the WHOLE point of social networking.

Caroline SG

Thank you Stefanie. Being European, we have texted for years now ("sms-ing") so am familiar with the short info bites, which sometimes can be very entertaining among friends. I even convinced some of my fam & friends in the US to text ahead of their time. So when Twitter broke out I thought: hey cool, the Americans finally getting with the text program! Except, no. Twitter is message spraying, combined with advertising. Bleah. But very American, I guess.

Intolerance in old age is absolutely acceptable. We're older and we know better. Period.