The Terrible Twos, Squared.

by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor


So I’ve been in the twins game now for about thirty-two months –thirty-two looong ass, crazy making, longing for Xanax months. I’ve experienced colic –twins with colic is not for the weak of heart let me assure you. If you are pregnant with twins, I’d like to tell you that colic is livable, you will get through it, blah blah blah but I can’t. It wouldn’t be right to mislead you that way. If you have access to a prescription for Zoloft, I’d recommend popping your first one while you and your babies are being escorted out of the hospital in your wheelchair because may be the last time in awhile that you will feel sane. But, hey, maybe they won’t be colicky. Mine cried day and night for almost five months –give or take a few weeks and then it just sort of went away –thank God. But now, it’s sort of back but in a different way.


The girls are starting to scream a lot, they refuse to go to bed, wake up in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to bed and worst of all, they are on day fourteen of a nap strike, which as you can imagine is a real treat. They are in the terrible two’s. Yes, they will be three in November –but I like to think they are two and a half since they weren’t born until the very end of November and they weren’t due until January so this gives me a little bit of padding when I defend their behavior as being so very “typical two” and not “burgeoning serial killer.” The problem is that when they get sleep deprived they really lose their shit which I can totally relate to. Sadie loses the already tenuous control over her emotions and lately as been given to melting down over getting the red cup over the “peenopur” cup. “What?” I’ll ask, while trying to understand what she asking for through her sobs.


I'm the mom of four month old triplets. And while I was lucky enough that only of them had colic. It was a nightmare. A full blown out nightmare. I barely slept the first two months. I wish I had a zoloft. For now, wine makes it a little better. They are awfully adorable though.


thank you for putting into words what it's like to have young twins (+ older) ... it didn't happend this way with the older, so is it their personalities or birth-order/twin thing? hmmm


I have twins that were also preemies and I can tell you that in my experience, it does get easier. I would rather have dental work without anesthesia than re-live the first 3 months that they were home. They needed to be fed every 3 hours - which meant that Mommy didn't sleep more than 2 hours in a row for a few months. I totally get the concept of using sleep deprivation for torture.

They are 8 now and the thing I recall about 2 was that they demanded so much engagement, and as a work-outside-the-home mom, I always felt that I wasn't giving them enough. Still don't. And it took so long to get out of the house because they really wanted to try and do everything (shoes, jacket) themselves.

It does get easier.


I'm the older sister of twin brothers. When they were 2, I was 5. After seeing my mom cry after a particularly destructive incident that took place when my mom *thought* they were napping, I decided I NEVER wanted to have kids.
I did eventually get over it - more than 20 years later.

So, I sort of feel your pain, albeit from a different perspective.

It does get better, though. Now that they're 33, they rarely make my mom cry anymore.