The Big Birthday Countdown.

Elby will be five on November 12th, which in case you weren’t aware is “only a few weeks away and a week is seven days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – that’s a week!” Every day it seems Elby and I need to go over her “birthday list.” This is a compilation of all the things she’s seen on commercials that she now really really wants but knows she can’t have except for a special occasion. This is my fault because normally everything she watches is grouped methodically on TiVo and doled out in small doses one Lazytown at a time. But once in awhile TiVo times out and suddenly an episode of Hannah Montana has just ended and Elbs is yelling from the other room, “Mama! I want this! Mama! Hurry!” and this turns out to be something called Moonsand. “It’s revolutionary, Mama! It never dries out.” On the one hand, this toy costs like thirty bucks but on the other hand, before you judge, at least she’s learned the word 'revolutionary,' right?



Bigger than my problem of all the toys she wants for her birthday is what exactly we’re going to do to honor her special day. Five is a big one. Jon and I got away with no birthday party for her first birthday because we jointly decided that people who throw a party for their one-year-old are either mentally deranged or have a lot of money they need taken off their hands. When her second birthday rolled around and we noticed that she didn’t have the language skills yet to ask “what are we doing for my birthday” we took that as an invitation to just invite some of our own friends over to celebrate making it through two-years (presents were welcome –especially if those presents were alcohol related). By the time Elby turned three, I was only six-weeks out from bringing twins into the world (as it turned out I was two-weeks out but I didn’t know it then) so we decided to have another little shindig at our house but I threw up a Dora themed “Fiesta” sign and some Dora plates and hats, made a batch of cupcakes and invited five or six of her friends to party along with the adults. Elby had a fantastic time but I ended up in the hospital on bed rest a few days later. Obviously I blame her.



Sale or no sale - thumbs down on the Moonsand. My son received some for his 3rd birthday, and he loved it. My husband and I - not so much. In fact, we reached the point where he could only play with it outside - and eventually, we threw it out. Shhh - he has yet to notice.


All the kids I know absolutely love Moonsand but it gets EVERYWHERE. Every nook, cranny, crack and crevice. It has to be vacuumed out. My girlfriends and I joke that we give Moonsand to those kids whose parents we don't like. Once, when I was in a hurry and wasn't thinking and ran to buy a last-minute birthday present a party, I grabbed Moonsand. Kid loved it. Was talking it over with my girlfriends later and they both gasped when I said Moonsand. They commented that I could pretty much write off becoming friendly with her. Oh well!


I've always had both of my kids parties at home and they LIVE for these (especially since everyone else has them out). Did you know that if you call your local high school athletic department, you can get high school cheerleaders to come teach the kids some cheers? Put some fun dance music on the iPod, order some pom poms from Oriental Trading (these become the favor too)and make or order a cake with a megaphone on it and you're good to go! I also had the kids make pennants when they first arrives (craft foam pennents available at Michaels). Inexpensive and fun party for a young girl!
Good luck!!


Moon sand is what you give your children's know, the ones with the highly competitive Martha Stewart wannabe mommies. Then, insist on opening it!!! It's a blast!

10.14.09 My munchkin's b-day is a few weeks after Elby's, and I am at a loss. He has requested the presence of Batman and Robin, Spongebob, as well as a SpiderMan Pinata (whatever the hell that is) and I have also been a total slacker on the past 4 bdays- so i feel obligated to roll out the red carpet. but I swore I would never give in to the indulgent, obnoxiousness that excessive children's parties represent. But he certainly will not settle for some mediocre pizza and tap water- like last year!


This was freakin' hilarious, I mean moonsand and jump arounds, being 5 sounds like fun!


Silly mommy the Jump Around and most other germ bounce houses have been booked for months. We had our toddler's 3rd bday at The Coop! It was fabulous because they allowed cocktails. KidSpace in Pasadena is a fun stop. I had my 5th birthday at McDonalds and couldn't have been happier to see how they make the fries.
Happy 5th Bday Elby.


Happy Birthday to you Elby! You go girl! Tell mommy to buy you whatever you want! You are a big girl now! I did do a first birthday for both my kids, but not because I don't have money to burn, but because I do first birthdays, and then not again until 5th birthdays. Nico will be 5 in May. Woohoo! Party!. Have fun planning party mama! Shannon


Please don't get the Moon Sand! My daughter got it for her birthday last year (purchased by a relative though) and it was a HUGE disappointment. Now, when she wants something from commercials, we try to remind her of the Moon Sand. Unfortunately, it hasn't totally dissuaded her...she's begging for Bendaroos now.