I Believe.

by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor



I believe there’s no shame in loving Barry Manilow.


I believe that people who don’t drink coffee in the morning are suspect.


I believe flossing every day is overkill.


I believe Botox is an amazing invention - provided you’re not a fan of winking.


I believe Twitter is trying to steal my soul.


I believe in an afterlife- I have to.


I believe that deep down most people are good – except those profiled on my favorite crime documentaries. And people who don’t comment.


I believe Ariel is the coolest princess.


I believe consistency is the spice of life.


I believe you’re never too old to have a BFF.


I believe in the healing power of love.


I believe in the healing power of Zoloft. And candy (especially if that candy is Hot Tamales because, yum).


I believe it’s important to own a great hat.


I believe in a sixth sense (I also loved that movie).


Love the post -- I think we are kindred spirits!
Barry Manilow -- How can Copacabana not make you smile? And Weekend in New England gives me goosebumps (and I am only in my mid-30s).
Love Actually -- one of my favorite movies. A must watch during the holidays. The scene where Emma Thompson goes into her room and is listening to Joni Mitchell always breaks my heart.
Hot Tamales -- great candy; try them sometime with popcorn at the movie theatre. It may sound weird, but trust me, it's a fantastic combo.
Housewives -- LOVE IT! The best guilty pleasure on TV. All are addictive but NYC is my favorite.
I only take issue with the princess thing... I have to go with Belle. She is a strong, smart woman (not really a princess at all). Tracy


I agree on the airborne thing! I also agree about the school "vacation".. I mean, who are they kidding? I like you, you might be my favorite.


I agree on the airborne thing! I also agree about the school "vacation".. I mean, who are they kidding? I like you, you might be my favorite.


You have me on most things except the following:
1) Flossing everyday is a must. Entire meals can be found between the teeth.
2) Belle is the coolest princess. She didn't give up her voice for a man, or, for that matter, her soul-- she saved her father, her man and never lost track of herself in the bargain.
3) Gummy Bears is the best candy by far.
Thanks for the great column! Heidi Brodsky


I loved the relationship between Colin Furth and the Portuguese woman in Love Actually.



I share many beliefs with you and I believe I need to start my own list as well...just in case I ever forget what I believe in.

P.S. I LOVE the Housewives Series...I even have my husband watching along with me.


Okay, I don't want to be someone you hate, so I'll comment. :) And I love the Housewives. I think they've really struck gold in NJ. Hope you're doing well.


Cute post. It reminds me of one of those Facebook lists you share with your friends. You believe in a lot of great things!