What’s the best advice you have about mothering?


Get a sleep trainer. Get a sleep trainer if your baby is not sleeping at 4 months. At 4 months, my son was sleeping 12 hours a night.


Do you set aside “me” time, and what do you do when you have it?


Yes! It’s going to be interesting when I’m on hiatus. Right now, when I’m working, I have a break between scenes; that’s my “me” time. My other “me” time is when I do Pilates every Monday night.


The Hollywood lifestyle can be a hard one in which to raise children. Is it important to you to give your son as normal a life as possible, and how do you hope to do that?


I’m from a little town in Kentucky. I grew up with a down-home, normal life. I’m hoping we raise our child the same way. I know there are many parents in Hollywood who have the best intentions, but something goes wrong. I hope to avoid that.


When your son looks back on his childhood, what do you hope he’ll think of you as a mom?


I hope that he knows that I always, no matter what happens, love him. He needs to know that he’s always loved. And I hope my child never fears me. I know the old way to get respect is to be feared, but I don't agree.



Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker was interviewed by Vicki Larson, Around the Watercooler contributor. She is a journalist and single mom.


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