Do you have a formal or informal support group of working moms that you rely upon for advice/support? How often do you meet? What are a few examples of topics of conversation that come up frequently?


I have a nice variety of mom friends now. The kids are all different ages so we are always grappling with different things. I’m trying to get Harry’s pacifier away while another friend is toilet training and yet another is switching from formula to regular milk. Each passage feels so important and then it’s over.


What is the one thing you vowed you would never do when you had kids that you find yourself doing?


Singing in public to amuse him.


Do you have a date night with your spouse or partner? Do you find time to keep the romance going when you are juggling so much?


Barely . . . but we try. We have bonded over American Idol. I finally got him into it.


What do you do when you feel totally overwhelmed?


Go out with a girlfriend, smoke pot and listen to music.


Describe your worst working mom moment.


Attending my book party three days after giving birth, (Harry came three weeks early), with a catheter bag strapped to my leg. I had some problems during delivery that led to some peeing problems so I had a catheter for about a week after. I had to wear Gaucho pants . . . and they weren’t in style then either.


What is your favorite thing to do with Harry?


Read with him just after he wakes up from his nap and he’s warm and sleepy and mellow.


Does Harry ever go with you to the studio?


Harry hates my studio. I had fantasies of bringing him to work and setting up a play area. It’s too loud and dusty and dirty for him. I just think it’s too toxic for a small child.


Are you one of those perfect moms that does everything for everyone and still finds time to exercise?


No. I guess I could wake up earlier and go but I’m not that committed at the moment. I do walk a lot.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received about balancing work and family?


I don’t think I have ever gotten any good advice on the subject. Everybody’s situation is so different. The baby comes first . . . after that, I try to roll with the punches.




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