Sloane Tanen's latest work Hatched! is a hilarious, totally original take on the trials and traumas of pregnancy and motherhood. Its inspired oddity made us curious about the woman behind these irreverent chickens. We discovered that everything about her is quite simply — cool. And by the way, Hatched! is THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT. We highly recommend you purchase a few online today and put them aside so you are prepared when the next invitation comes.


Sloane Tanen is the author of Going for the Bronze and Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same, and the children's titles Where is Coco Going and Coco all Year Round. She is a painter whose work has been exhibited in a number of shows and can be found in private and corporate collections in Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She received her B.A from Sarah Lawrence College and holds graduate degrees in literary history from NYU and in art history from Columbia University.


Sloane Tanen lives in Manhattan with her husband and her eighteen-month-old son Harry.


Can you describe your job?

Hmmm. Hard to do. I used to be a painter. Now I am sort of a 3-D cartoonist — with chickens.

Do you work exclusively in the office, exclusively from home or some combination? What are the pros and cons of your schedule?

I work at a studio in downtown Manhattan. It’s a cooperative artists space. Stefan Hagen, the photographer, works next door to me. That’s how I found him. I work on all the ideas/jokes at nights and often storyboard from home. All of the photographing and technical stuff happens Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I am at the studio. It’s an ideal set-up. The only con is that I often stay up much too late working or messing around on the computer.


Would you work if you could afford to stay home? If so, why?


Yes. I think I would always want to work — part time at least. For me it’s important to have a life and an identity beyond being a mother. But I love that I get to be with Harry four days a week. I know that I am lucky and that my situation is rare. It’s really the best of both worlds. If I were in the position of either having to stay home full time or work full time it would be much more difficult. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision.


Describe your childcare setup.


As I said, I am a night owl. I am also an insomniac so my husband does the morning shift so I can work or read at night. He understood the set-up when Harry was a baby and up half the night. That was my shift. Now that he sleeps through the night I think my husband doesn’t quite understand how he got stuck with the 6:00am shift seven days a week. But the truth is he loves it. They have breakfast together at the local diner and hang out until the nanny comes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and the weekends I try to get up as early as I can and take over.