Yes, Sarah Palin Has A Vagina.

I was supposed to be taking this week off from Mommy Track'd – you know, Labor Day and all – but then John McCain went and insulted me, and I’m just not the type who can take an insult lying down. So here I am, laboring away at my computer on a holiday weekend.


I watched the Democratic National Convention this past week with tears in my eyes almost the whole time. The first night, when Ted Kennedy spoke, I cried because of his strength, and his determination, but also because of his frailty, and the inescapable fact that one day soon, he and everything that he represents as a Kennedy, will be just another chapter of history. On the second night, when Hillary gave the speech of her career, I cried because of her grace, and because of an opportunity lost, and because of all that could have been. The next night, when Joe Biden took the stage, I cried for his tragedy, but I also cried for his triumphs. His love for and commitment to his children, his dedication to his constituency, and the sheer joy in his face as he reveled in the moment that he so clearly has always wanted. And then, on Thursday, when Barack Obama accepted the nomination, and delivered the speech that one commentator called “a symphony,” I cried for myself, and for every person in America who thought they would never live to see this day. But I also cried because of what he said, and how he said it, and how inspired it made me feel, and because I really do believe that he can change America, for the better. And at the end, when his family joined him on stage, and they looked just like a modern-day version of Camelot; when I realized that the Kennedy-era might not be coming to a close after all, but is instead being updated and reinvented for the times we live in now; when it all seemed to come full-circle…well, of course, I cried some more. And then I woke up Friday morning, and I saw that John McCain had picked Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, to be his running mate. And I laughed.


It makes sense why John McCain would pick a woman for a running mate. For one thing, it allows him to have a “historical” campaign, too. And of course, if you’re going to try to go after all of those still-undecided, bitter, Hillary Clinton supporters, what better way to woo them than with another woman who can fulfill the dream they thought they’d lost? But for me, that’s where the logic ends. Because the only thing that Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have in common is that they both have vaginas. I mean, is John McCain serious? He thinks he can woo Hillary voters with a pro-life, gun-toting, anti-gay hockey mom whose political resume includes the PTA? Please. If John McCain really wanted to make history, there were a lot of women he could have chosen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, of Texas. Christine Todd Whitman, of New Jersey. Even Carly Fiorina of Hewlett Packard or Meg Whitman of e-Bay would have been better choices. But instead, he chose a woman who couldn’t be less experienced. He chose a woman whom nobody has heard of. He chose a woman whom many will find it difficult to take seriously in an international, or even a national, arena.



I keep coming back to read the comments on this article. It really hit a nerve! First, let's forget conservative and liberal and look at Palin's experience and policies. Yes, the big questions- what do her policies tell us about her? Oh, yeah, she hasn't really written any.


What it sounds like is you do so much crying that instead of voting you should go get some prozac. We have to have population control with animals as well as humans so for her to be for this seems to be very logical. One of many topics you wrote about. As for McCain he is very smart to pick Palin since she is the most talked about women amongst us now. Hiliry is just pissed off because she couldn't do that nor take the heat so she just quit. Again to your article you do a lot of crying so before posting garbage go to the hospital.


most of you don't know the facts.


what is this place "the view". This must be a website for liberal women not working moms.


PLEASE!!!!!!!! What is this fascination with the Kennedys? When did they become royalty? Remember the foundation of their wealth (and subsequent power) came from bootlegging.


You actually think voting women are stupid enough to just vote for a woman because she has a vagina? Please give us a little bit more credit. Please do some homework on who you think Barack Obama is..? The democrats chose someone inexperienced but excels in rallying the people over someone qualified (Hillary). In the democratic's own efforts to defeat old man McCain, they shot themselves in the foot with their own discrimination and failure to be forward thinking. Now McCain out of desparation did go find one hell of a woman in Palin. Stop reading the media brouhaha, it is all propaganda. McCain/Palin will win this election.


Please watch this video below. Unfortunately the one thing Sarah Palin and I have in common is a vagina. The women scares me to death. She has virtually fired anyone that has disagreed with her and replaced them with her friends! She fired the librarian that refused to censor the citys books! This women is a tyrant, not a model to figure your self after mothers and needs to be stopped. If you have any love for animals or the well being of this planet do not let this women start inflicting her wrath on this country. God (or what ever you believe) please help us all!



Sadly, the ladies voting for Palin ARE doing so because she IS a hockey mom like them. They don't care about her experience or lack thereof. They don't care that she doesn't believe in global warming, sex education, has been shown to give her pals in Alaska high paying jobs, etc etc...they don't care about issues. The sad part is that McCain's plot is working. He's counted on women being so dense that they go for the good old hockey mom persona and don't have a clue about the politics. The writer is right, it's tragic for women that the woman making history actually represents such a backward step for women. it would be the joke of the year if there wasn't the terrifying possibility of her becoming VP, a heartbeat away from President. Do you really think the lady that can't face the reporters can face down Putin or the like? She might be tough when she's got a gun and can shoot defenseless animals from a plane, but she's too fragile to talk to reporters?


Okay, I'm sorry, but does anyone out there really truly think that Obama was calling SP a pig? Or a fish? Seriously? The spin that has been put on this by the McCain-Palin camp has been the insult, not Obama's use of a well-worn expression (which, BTW, McCain has used himself several times, including in reference to Clinton's health care plan... and which garnered no such cries of "sexism" from her camp). To immediately cry "sexism" at the mere use of the word "lipstick" is the sexism, not the use of the word. Obama was talking for 25 minutes before that phrase about McCain's platform, and had not even mentioned SP. He made specific reference in the comment to McCain's disingenuous appropriation of the "change" mantra. NOTHING about the comment reflected Obama's or anyone else's views on SP. Crying "sexism" where there is none dilutes the value of the battle cry when there actually is sexism in a statement - it's the equivalent of crying wolf.
What is even sadder is the fact that it appears women are being taken by this charade of a VP pick. I saw interview after interview on one of the big three news shows earlier this week in which women said "I'm voting for McCain Palin," and when asked what they thought about Palin's views on the issues of the day, said something to the effect of "oh, I don't know any of her views, but she's a mom/hockey mom/working mom/woman so she's okay in my book." P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. And for the record, this type of voting-with-the-vagina does NOTHING to enhance the overall credibility of thinking women in this country.
Risa, stay strong. You are the voice of reason here (and sadly enough, so is Matt Damon, who actually busted out the actuarial tables to cite the probability - one in three, I think it was - that McCain would die in office his first term as a reason why we need to seriously look at Palin and her position on the issues...).