Yes, Sarah Palin Has A Vagina.

I was supposed to be taking this week off from Mommy Track'd – you know, Labor Day and all – but then John McCain went and insulted me, and I’m just not the type who can take an insult lying down. So here I am, laboring away at my computer on a holiday weekend.


I watched the Democratic National Convention this past week with tears in my eyes almost the whole time. The first night, when Ted Kennedy spoke, I cried because of his strength, and his determination, but also because of his frailty, and the inescapable fact that one day soon, he and everything that he represents as a Kennedy, will be just another chapter of history. On the second night, when Hillary gave the speech of her career, I cried because of her grace, and because of an opportunity lost, and because of all that could have been. The next night, when Joe Biden took the stage, I cried for his tragedy, but I also cried for his triumphs. His love for and commitment to his children, his dedication to his constituency, and the sheer joy in his face as he reveled in the moment that he so clearly has always wanted. And then, on Thursday, when Barack Obama accepted the nomination, and delivered the speech that one commentator called “a symphony,” I cried for myself, and for every person in America who thought they would never live to see this day. But I also cried because of what he said, and how he said it, and how inspired it made me feel, and because I really do believe that he can change America, for the better. And at the end, when his family joined him on stage, and they looked just like a modern-day version of Camelot; when I realized that the Kennedy-era might not be coming to a close after all, but is instead being updated and reinvented for the times we live in now; when it all seemed to come full-circle…well, of course, I cried some more. And then I woke up Friday morning, and I saw that John McCain had picked Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, to be his running mate. And I laughed.


It makes sense why John McCain would pick a woman for a running mate. For one thing, it allows him to have a “historical” campaign, too. And of course, if you’re going to try to go after all of those still-undecided, bitter, Hillary Clinton supporters, what better way to woo them than with another woman who can fulfill the dream they thought they’d lost? But for me, that’s where the logic ends. Because the only thing that Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have in common is that they both have vaginas. I mean, is John McCain serious? He thinks he can woo Hillary voters with a pro-life, gun-toting, anti-gay hockey mom whose political resume includes the PTA? Please. If John McCain really wanted to make history, there were a lot of women he could have chosen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, of Texas. Christine Todd Whitman, of New Jersey. Even Carly Fiorina of Hewlett Packard or Meg Whitman of e-Bay would have been better choices. But instead, he chose a woman who couldn’t be less experienced. He chose a woman whom nobody has heard of. He chose a woman whom many will find it difficult to take seriously in an international, or even a national, arena.



Oh... one more thing. McCain first talked to Sarah Palin in February so he clearly knew she was a good choice well before Obama chose his running mate and well before Hilary was kicked out (thank God). No, actually, she may have been safer than Obama. By the way, where is all this money coming from that Obama suddenly raised??? Maybe the same sources that helped him through college and helped him start his campaign??? Interesting... we need to be careful about who he's going to owe favors if he gets in. Check this out... I believe he removed the American Flag from his private jet and put his own "logo" in it's place. Scary... this is a man that wants to run this country??

Have you heard he's being sued in a PA court by an attorney that has supreme court credentials (not just some joker) to prove he was born in this country? He says he was born in Hawaii but dear old Gradmama in Kenya remembers his birth there and is soooo proud of him. Hmmmmmmmmmmm


Hate the post. It not only sounds incredibly one-sided (obviously a liberal democrats point of view) but you don't even give the woman credit for her achievements both personally and professionally. I think you've been watching too much CNN. Turn on Fox News once in a while or listen to Rush. I watch both, read everything and then form an opinion.

As for education, I've worked in corporate America for years. I can tell you that every Harvard MBA I've ever worked with is full of theory but can't DO anything. The people I've worked with, for or have worked for me that really get things done have not been the IVY League grads.

I respect Sarah as a person and for what she has achieved. It will be nice to have not only a woman's perspective in the White House but also to have a someone that I feel is not afraid to speak her mind. Now, getting a bunch of men to listen to her will be interesting...


i love you post!!! you took the words out of my mouth!! =-) good job!!


Are you out of your mind? what is wrong w/ you, lady? Sarah Palin is an amazing woman, and just b/c she is highly conservative, some liberal freaks want to bash her and tear her up to pieces (it is ridiculous), just as the Bible says, "We will be persecuted in this world." The blasphemy in today's world just shocks the hell out of me. Where are your morals? How dare you judge her!
You must be a loon! I just don't get the democrats. You guys must be on crack.
by the way~ take a gander at the book, "O'Bama Nation" and even more damning, his own books!! You guys don't have a clue, do you?


"CAMELOT" lives on?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Your title alone is so unbelievably insulting. You're referring to the Obama's as Camelot? Let's see... Michelle is just now proud of her country for the first time in her life? Jackie O would have never said something like that. Their minister of 20 YEARS is a racist lunatic, he launches his political career in the living room of a known domestic terrorist (that's right, he tried to kill Americans!!), his association with Acorn. And the list goes on... just another shady politician... oh yeah, and what exactly makes HIM qualified to be PRESIDENT? Served in the senate for a few days, wrote a couple autobiographies (in is 40's = inflated ego), and let's not forget his work with Acorn - now there is something to be proud of when listing your qualifications. And his choice of VP - real winner. Ran for President 3 times... never made it to the election - his own party didn't want him. And he himself said in the primaries that Obama wasn't ready to be President. Funny how he changed his mind so quickly when it became BENEFICIAL to him??? hmmmmmmm

And you're going to be crying when government has total control over everything we do... "spreading the wealth around" is not what our country is based on. Look up the definition of SOCIALISM... ok, I did it for you:

So"cial*ism\, n. [Cf. F. socialisme.] A theory or system of social reform which contemplates a complete reconstruction of society, with a more just and equitable distribution of property and labor.

That is what the Obama/Biden ticket wants to do for us. Take from those who earn more to give to those that earn less!!! That is the most frightening thing that could happen in our country. And I certainly don't fall into their "rich" category. But I firmly believe that our country is the land of opportunities NOT the land of guarantees. Why don't they CUT spending??? Heck, Barney Frank just came out and said we'll spend now and there are plenty of wealthy people we can tax... OMG!!!!!!! Btw, Barney Frank is the congressman who had a gay prostitution ring running out of his home in the late 80's and he is STILL in Congress... Amazing!!

It is hard to believe that in 2008 there are soooo many women tearing down a successful woman. You may not agree with her politics but at least acknowledge that she is an accomplished woman! Being a mayor and governor (with the highest approval rating in the country) is a huge responsibility. She has more executive experience than Obama!! And the personal attacks remind me of elementary school... She talks funny, she's a redreck. People GROW UP!!! Personally, I am disgusted with ALL politicians. They forget that this is OUR COUNTRY and they work for us. Yet I don't think they take that into consideration. Palin will be a breath of fresh air in DC!

Btw, referring to McCain as "an old white guy" is beyond disrespectful. I hope you are not teaching your children those values. That is partly what is wrong with our society today... NO RESPECT!! I don't agree with all his politics but there is no denying that the sacrifies he made for OUR country are beyond most people's comprehension. HE is a man of CHARACTER. I suggest you do a little research into his past and at least give him some credit. I guarantee that YOU would not have the strength that man has no matter how old is.

And for Andara... well, your post is just down right idiotic!!! Some of the most successful people I know, don't even have college degrees. Columbia, Harvard... who cares?? But you REALLY took women back about 40 years with your sexual comment at the end. So if you are attractive, you can't be integillent and successful?? THAT is INSULTING... as a woman you should be ashamed. I'm embarrassed for you that you even posted it!!!

WHOEVER you vote for - please do your own research and don't get all your information from TV. This is the most important election in our lifetime and one that will profoundly effect the lives of our children.


It's funny, working women bashing Palin. Isn't that what women were screaming for back in the 70'? Now she's running for the VP position and all you women libbers can't take it. Thanks to all the women libbers who enabled all of us to be able to decide whether or not we want to do such a thing and now you are bashing her? Make up your minds! She's a wife, and mother. So what's the big deal? Yes she's Anti-Abortion-Good, We don't allow our children to receive an aspirin without our consent. And you want to allow your girls to receive a dangerous invasive medical procedure to kill your future grandbaby and possibly even harm her ability to have children following?
Yes,She doesn't offer healthcare-good. Since when is the government required to and who are you to expect the government to do so? Besides, Ya want government health care move to Canada!
Yes, she'll stay in the war, if that is what the Commander and Chief decides, did ya forget shes the VP?
Yes, she'll allow more drilling. You want to continue to drive don't you? Or would you rather to plead and bargain with the Middle East?
Yes, the Republicans will continue doing the same thing. But once again do you really think the Democrats in Washington will stop funding their own pockets. They will continue to give "free" handouts, but once again, who do you think foots this government program? WE ALL DO! DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN TAX PAYERS!
Creation Science...Did you ever pay attention while in science class yourself? A theory is just that a theory, Darwin's theory on evolution is just that a theory! It can't be proven, the "science" isn't reproduceable. Adaptation of species sure, NOT evolution. Do you REALLY know what the Bush doctrine is, Please...
IT ISN'T THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO BE HANDING OUT CONDOMS IN SCHOOL! IT'S OUR JOB AS MOTHERS (PARENTS) TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN ABOUT SEX, NOT THE SCHOOLS. Abstinence may not be perfect but if our kids were, they definantly wouldn't be coming home with STD's or PG. Ya sure the schools can hand out condoms but it only encourages the behavior that causes other problems. As parents we need to be open, honest and talking with our kids about abstinence and the use of birth control, DID I MENTION WITH US, THE PARENTS?! Not behind our backs at school, were not the bad guys(parents). Since when does this government think it knows better than us parents?
OK and Gay rights?
I know LOTS of men and women who are, in fact one in my father! The turmoil of his choose to leave his family has messed with every single person in our family! Gay rights are self seeking and selfish! They want what we (straight) have. Let's not forget to tax them too if the do decide to get married, that's a real benefit!


To the author: BRILLIANT - BRAVA!!

You have nailed my thoughts exactly.

What an insult Sarah Palin is to U.S.Women!

When watching her debate (And her RIDICULOUS winking - what was that??!) I sat and listened to her say the same pre-fed lines over and over again. Not an original thought in her head. One that stuck in my head was how she didn't want "big government" controlling her money.


But you don't mind "big government" controlling your BODY??!!

Funny how she is so worried about her wallet, but would let the governement decide her reproductives rights.

ARE THESE THE THOUGHTS OF A WOMAN who will represent women's rights in America?

Sarah Palin may have a vagina, but I believe she has MAJOR penis envy. From her belief in dominance over women's reproductive rights to being a member of the NRA... I mean really.

She comes across as a dizzy broad without a thinking mind in her head. Senator McCain could not have chosen a poorer choice for VP.

We were already SCREWED over when Democrats did not elect Hillary as our we are insulted once again with this person "representing" U.S. women?

Not me, sister!

And as for qtpqtootie...spoken like a true rich snob who clearly has never had issues with money or health care. God Bless and great for YOU! However, there are millions who do not share your great fortune. Tons of "Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking Taxpayers" who have circumstances you couldn't even fathom. I have had a child with cancer. Once the insurance maxes out, then what? How will this child (should he even live - GOd willing) get health insurance as an adult? And we were fortunate to have good insurance in the first place. I have watched families as they buried their child and then lost their home because they didn't have insurance and couldn't cover all the bills.

No one is saying you still cannot have the same insurance you have and/or choose your doctors. Did YOU even LISTEN TO or READ Senetor Obama's plan?? I doubt it very much. (Love how you accused others of the very thing you yourself are guilty of.)

As for the abortion issue, I also think it is ridiculous to vote based on that one issue. (Though many Americans do and that is certainly their right.) It is only one of the many thorns in my side where McCain/Palin are concerned, but not a major issue for me. But WHATEVER the reason a woman may seek an abortion, it is her right and her decision, not mine or yours or the government's. I do agree with you, many are stupid where this issue is concerned because let's face it, Roe.v.Wade will never be overturned. So don't waste a vote on it.


Alaska: I totally agree with you wholeheartedly.
In fact, out of everybody running for anything, I'd rather Palin be president! She know's what it's like to be the mockery of the locals (and nation!) because her too-young daughter's a mother. I LOVE that she's a member of the NRA. Mostly, she seems down to earth, like she understands the middle and lower class. The ONLY thing I don't like about her is the anti-gay thing... but how many politicians truly aren't..


That was bunch of jumbled mess! haha. Of course the corrupt ones didn't find it beautiful! But, she cleaned up the mess and we finally got to see incredible productivity from our State again. She didn't get where she is by chance, and there's always going to be haters along the way. She's done more for America with the gas pipeline, in regards to self-sufficiency, than I've seen from any of the other candidates. And as for renewable resources...YES! BUT, we can tool around with those while we're actually fixing the problem with more realistic means.


If you truly want self-sufficiency, then limited natural resources such as oil and natural gas are not the keys everyone thinks they are. Honest self-sufficiency requires a renewable resource such as bio-diesels. However, the fat cats are all invested in natural resources, so it's going to be a long road before we get where we could have been when Ford was still producing the Model T.
McCain also has him beat in self-centered, self-serving wastefulness, too. As well as advanced age and infirmity. Regardless of his mental qualifications (which I find severely lacking, especially in the area of restraint, particularly self-restraint), he is not physically qualified to take the position.
I agree that Alaska's last governor was someone that really needed to be ousted. But giving her a pass on her childish and petty actions as governor merely because she's less reprehensible than the last is irresponsible, at best. "Handling it beautifully" is not how I'd describe a governor who insisted that her staff break the law and use unofficial email channels for official business because she didn't want appropriate checks and balances in place. "Handling it beautifully" is not how I'd describe a governor who again broke the law and declared her stance on a bill that was going up for vote, and the manner in which she did it shows that she was well aware of the fact that it was not a legitimate maneuver. "Handling it beautifully" is not how I'd describe a woman found guilty of ethics violations in her pique to get someone she had a purely personal quarrel with ousted. "Handling it beautifully" is not how I'd describe a Vice Presidential hopeful who cannot, when put on the spot, name a single newspaper in the world that she reads.