Yes, Sarah Palin Has A Vagina.

I was supposed to be taking this week off from Mommy Track'd – you know, Labor Day and all – but then John McCain went and insulted me, and I’m just not the type who can take an insult lying down. So here I am, laboring away at my computer on a holiday weekend.


I watched the Democratic National Convention this past week with tears in my eyes almost the whole time. The first night, when Ted Kennedy spoke, I cried because of his strength, and his determination, but also because of his frailty, and the inescapable fact that one day soon, he and everything that he represents as a Kennedy, will be just another chapter of history. On the second night, when Hillary gave the speech of her career, I cried because of her grace, and because of an opportunity lost, and because of all that could have been. The next night, when Joe Biden took the stage, I cried for his tragedy, but I also cried for his triumphs. His love for and commitment to his children, his dedication to his constituency, and the sheer joy in his face as he reveled in the moment that he so clearly has always wanted. And then, on Thursday, when Barack Obama accepted the nomination, and delivered the speech that one commentator called “a symphony,” I cried for myself, and for every person in America who thought they would never live to see this day. But I also cried because of what he said, and how he said it, and how inspired it made me feel, and because I really do believe that he can change America, for the better. And at the end, when his family joined him on stage, and they looked just like a modern-day version of Camelot; when I realized that the Kennedy-era might not be coming to a close after all, but is instead being updated and reinvented for the times we live in now; when it all seemed to come full-circle…well, of course, I cried some more. And then I woke up Friday morning, and I saw that John McCain had picked Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, to be his running mate. And I laughed.


It makes sense why John McCain would pick a woman for a running mate. For one thing, it allows him to have a “historical” campaign, too. And of course, if you’re going to try to go after all of those still-undecided, bitter, Hillary Clinton supporters, what better way to woo them than with another woman who can fulfill the dream they thought they’d lost? But for me, that’s where the logic ends. Because the only thing that Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have in common is that they both have vaginas. I mean, is John McCain serious? He thinks he can woo Hillary voters with a pro-life, gun-toting, anti-gay hockey mom whose political resume includes the PTA? Please. If John McCain really wanted to make history, there were a lot of women he could have chosen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, of Texas. Christine Todd Whitman, of New Jersey. Even Carly Fiorina of Hewlett Packard or Meg Whitman of e-Bay would have been better choices. But instead, he chose a woman who couldn’t be less experienced. He chose a woman whom nobody has heard of. He chose a woman whom many will find it difficult to take seriously in an international, or even a national, arena.



It really is funny to hear all these people yammer on about people who support pro-choice. I actually read one comment (from RoseDavid) calling them "abortion-lovers"........ Listen you crazies: No one is "PRO" abortion. Do you actually think women want to go through that? Really??? What a foolish comment! That kind of talk just proves how dense those overzealous religious eccentrics are. Leave your theological beliefs at home, they don't belong in politics.


All I can say to all of these people who thought that John McCain and Sarah Palin were a great choice for the nation is...NA NA NA NA BOO BOO! Turns out, most of the country heartily disagreed with you. And comfortconcepts...Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim, but even if he was, so what? This is AMERICA. Where we have freedom of religion? Where you can belive whatever you want to believe and not be persecuted?


I think anyone who reads your rant can tell that this is definitely about your politics.

It amazes me that liberals have spent almost 50 years fighting for women's rights yet when a woman they don't like is chosen to run for VP, they use every stereotype in the book to make her look bad. Even before she said a word, the media was all over the beauty issue. Shame on the Democrats and the liberal media. Their behavior is about as hypocritical as it gets.

Obama was groomed for the presidency. Palin had only weeks to prepare. Sarah Palin may not have been the best choice, but to say that she has any less experience than Obama has got to be a joke. Besides, she wasn't running for president. Obama has only three years experience at the federal level (this last year definitely doesn't count). He has never led anything - not a state, not a town, and certainly not a country. A soccer mom who decided to become political and actually became governor of a state? I don't care how many big or small is Alaska is. That's still impressive.

Meg Whitman - love her! Eventually she may make a great candidate for the Republicans. What you are saying with your comments, however, is that Sarah Palin's accomplishments at home and in her state are inferior to those of a woman who has been primarily in the business world. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is flat out lying when she speaks of her decades of experience. Experience doing what? Riding the coattails of a philanderer? I still can't figure that one out.

I am a former "hippy liberal" who is now neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I work with poor and disadvantaged people every single day, and that's why I don't vote for the Democrats. I don't vote for a candidate. I only vote for ideas, and the Democrats are completely clueless when it comes to solving our country's problems. After I got off the university "farm" and out into the real world, I realized that the concept of "personal responsibility" is the answer to most of our nation's problems.


I hope someday sexism is as much frowned upon as racism. Not even an unenlightened author like the above would dare make a racist comment about Obama the title of an article. The title of this article speaks volumes of unwarranted, unattractive contempt. I doubt such blatant displays of crassness have won support in the past, and doubt even more they will get support in the future. Obama supporters in general have come across as narrow-minded, angry, finger-pointing, insulting people. Why would I want to follow a man who attracts people like that?
It disgusted me to see Sarah Palin reduced to nothing more than Tina Fey's parody of a winking, flute playing airhead. I'm not sure why the media was hell-bent on discrediting her from the beginning, but I couldn't believe how willingly everyone bought into it. Sarah Palin is not perfect, but she is frank, honest, and relatable. Obama might be a smooth talker, but Palin comes across as guileless, and I'll take that over carefully crafted speeches any day.


I'll be blunt-its not about race, its not about gender. Don't be naive and think that this isn't playing into Mr. Obama's hands. I'm truly amazed that someone so uneducated and misinformed is writing a column about politics. When you look at what really matters is experience. Atleast Palin can vote more than 'present', she's proved herself over and over. On top of all that she has more than just 144 days worth of acting experience. Do your homework and do your research, I did mine and it changed my mind real quick! As for her being a working mother balancing career and a family, my hat is off to her-you shouldn't downplay that, instead it sounds like you could take lessons Mrs. Green.


One more thing... Watch this short video. Any person who does not show respect for the United States of America should definitely NOT be elected to the highest office in OUR country... Ronald Reagan wouldn't even walk into the oval office without a jacket and tie out of respect and this guy can't even put his hand over his heart during our national anthem. An embarrassment to ALL Americans. Democrat or Republican - doesn't matter... you don't disrespect our flag or our national anthem. It is a slap in the face to all who have fought for our freedom!


OK, so shamom, if you say you wouldn't care if Sen. Obama were green, then why did you pull the race card? I'll have you know that my ancestors (Germans) fought for TRUE freedoms, not just the freedom of speech like your ancestors fought for, so that you could call me racist and get away with it. Where's my freedom to say something that I disagree about with a black man (Obama) and not be called a racist? I believe you and many others pull that card as much as you do because of our "politically correct" society. All you white people, BE ALARMED! If you think that you'll ever be able to disagree with Obama and his policies--if the man gets into office--without being called racist, THINK AGAIN! It's only a matter of time before something would go wrong with his administration.


Democrats are crying more than anyone that the economy is in the toilet. Why are they blaming the republicans when the Dems in the house/ senate are in control? it seems they have forgotten THEY voted 2 years ago to have "HOPE"
and since they have been elected started the downfall of our economy. Just thought I would remind all of the whining Dems out there that THEY have really been in charge for the last 2 years!!!


I like you undeadwrong. I think it is bad enough that people play the Race card, but what is more hilarious is that they all think that Obama is black. Well OK he is a little black - 13% to be exact. and the rest is ARABIC!!! He talks fancy but so does the Anti Christ in End times!


Cheers to urdeadwrong!! And all the other Palin supporters. Shamom, you're an idiot. It truly worries me that you are a professor. Obama is half white, I think? I would love to see his birth certificate, since his grandmother remembers him being born in KENYA! Obama is shady and it's illegal for him to be President if he wasn't even born in our great country. I can't believe you brought up the race card.
Also cheers to Comfort, I've been thinking the same thing...2 years ago I could've sold my house and made a record profit. Then the Democrats took over the Senate, and now I can't sell my house if I wanted to.