We would like to introduce you to Romi Lassally. She was a successful Hollywood film producer and then made the difficult decision to stay home with her kids. Her youngest recently started kindergarten and she went back to work with a drive that had been bottled up for the eight years she was at home. She is now the full-time features editor and sometime writer for Arianna Huffington's wildly successful blog, The Huffington Post. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children, Phoebe, Annabel and Owen, ages 16 to 6.


Romi's professional and parental journey is interesting and inspiring. But her charm, candor, approachability and never ending quest to help other working moms succeed in cyber space are what make her a true original. Romi has become our trusted advisor, cyber friend and consistent source of genuine belly laughs. Need someone to emulate? Here she is.


If you want more Romi after reading this interview, you can read some of Romi Lassally's thought-provoking articles at The Huffington Post.




On average, how many hours a week do you work? Do you spend most of them in an office?


I work at least 40 hours week, but because The Huffington Post is a virtual company — I steal these hours whenever I can (5:30-7:00 before the kids are awake; 8-10 after they are asleep, etc). I work both at the office and at home. I love the flexibility my job offers but it’s often hard to maintain boundaries . . . as I do most of my work from my computer . . . it is always beckoning me — from my desktop to my Blackberry! As as I work in the blogosphere — I need to keep up with the cyber pace.


You stayed home for eight years with your kids. What brought you back to the workforce?


Now that all my kids are in school full-time, I really wanted to jump back into the work force . . . so I did. And I love it! And now that I’ve figured out a new rhythm for my life, I love it more and more everyday.


Do you find yourself doing anything that you vowed you would never do when you had kids?


One of the things I vowed I would never do once I had kids but now find myself doing is muli-tasking. When I am with them . . . this is what I struggle with the most. I really want to be present with them when I am with them . . . As I worked full time when I had my first child (until she was 7) I would always tell my friends, and myself, Be at work when at work and be with the kids when with the kids . . . Much easier said than done then and now (especially with the Blackberry and the nature of my work.) I have to hide my Blackberry and make sure my computer is off when I come home (or when they come home).


Forgive us for asking such a personal question, but with all the late nights at the computer, do you ever find time or energy for sex?



|Great article, I can totally relate to wanting to get back into the swing of things. It's great you've managed to get something so flexible. just remember to turn the computer off and run a bath at the end of the working day, take some time for you. x


What a great article! I think it's so important for all of us to see that it isn't easy for any mom--We all struggle with finding the right balance at the right time That is so different for each individual mom. Romi is genuine, honest, and so like you and me--doing her best. Thanks for highlighting such an authentic, woman, wife, and mom. Your're right, she is an inspiration and great role model!