Presenting Me, The YA Novelist.

by Risa Green



Finally, I have written a third book. Well, technically, it’s a fourth book, because I wrote a third book before this third book, but that third book kind of sucked and so I threw it away. Although, if you want to get really technical, this third book is a actually a fourth and a half book, because before I wrote the first third book, I also wrote half of a really depressing, dark book, which I decided was too depressing and dark too even finish, so I threw that one away, too. But since those don’t really count, I’ll just say that this new book is my third and leave it at that.


Anyway, the third book. I sold it. It will be published in August of 2010, which seems really far away right now, but still, I sold it, which is more than I can say for those other two books, about which I will speak never again. But the thing about this book is that it’s not like my first two books. (The first two that I published, not the first two that I threw away. It’s getting kind of confusing, huh?) My first two books were so-called “mommy lit,” meaning that they were about, well, mommy stuff, like pregnancy and babies, and hating your husband because he’s a man and gets to go to work, while you stay home with a screaming monster that makes your nipples feel like they’re being pushed through a meat grinder. But, you know, those books have kind of been done. I mean, does the world really need another mommy book? I think that it does not. And also, I think that the market is saturated, and that it’s really hard to even find a publisher who’s interested in mommy books anymore.


And so, when I sat down to write a third book, I decided to write something different. You know, break out of that soon-to-be-history mommy genre before it’s too late. But all I ended up with was half of a too dark and depressing novel, plus another, completed, novel that just wasn’t all that interesting. And so for the third try, I decided to take a different tack, and I wrote [gasp] a Young Adult novel.


At first, I was concerned. I thought maybe I was selling out a little, maybe I was giving up, maybe I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. But once I started writing, I totally came around. Because the truth is, writing this book was the most fun I have had in a long time. Instead of writing about women who are stuck in bad marriages, or who are tied down by kids they didn’t want, or who are being emotionally abused by all of the men in their lives, I got to write about fun stuff, like a first kiss, a mad crush, and girls hanging out together at the mall. For three whole months, I got to channel my inner teenager. I mean, honestly, what is not fun about that?


Me too! what MyHormones said.
I'll definitely check out your book Risa.


f@? Really? And here I thought I was all young and hip. Think I will read your book next year just to keep me young and hip, and because I enjoy your writing.