The Time Capsule.

by Risa Green




Hey, Ris! How are you? How was college? What did you finally decide to do with your life? I hope you’re not a lawyer.1 Well, when you wrote this, it was Wednesday, June 6, 1990, about 5 days before graduation. You just found out you got a triple in the Quad (how were Ong & Niv, anyway?)2 and you were in your 19th month with Ken.3 This is really weird. I’m trying to think of things I’d like to know 10 years from now.4 Am I doing okay? You’re probably calling me a nerd, or whatever the word is in 2000. (Is it really 2000?)5 Are you still with Ken?6 (I don’t think I can wait ten years to find all of this out!)7 Your teachers were: Mackintosh, Caum, Guyresh, Lempert and Wemple. Remember them?8 Last night you won $100 from PTO (ha!)9 and Outstanding Girl10 (Good job, Ris). Please tell me you don’t have kids yet.11 Please tell me you’re making a lot of money.12 Please tell me you’re at the reunion and you’re reading this. So how does everybody look?13


1 This is really funny, because I did go to law school and become a lawyer, but I didn’t realize that I
knew, even at seventeen, that it would suck the life out of me and make me want to cry every single day.
2 Ong and Niv were the last names of my roommates freshman year at Penn. Ong sucked. Niv was pretty
3 Ken was my high school boyfriend, a possessive, jealous lunatic who I later learned was doing coke
during our entire relationship. But he was really cute, and he was captain of the lacrosse team at an all-boys private school. And he was really cute.
4 When I wrote this, I thought I’d be opening it at my ten year reunion, not my twenty year. However,
when I planned the ten year reunion, I had no idea where the time capsules were. Turns out one of my
classmates (who now lives in Korea) had them in his parent’s basement. Don’t ask how I discovered this.
5 No. It’s really 2010. How’s that for weird?
6 Uh, no. Ken and I broke up about two months after I wrote this.
7 Guess what? You waited twenty!
8 Yes. Fondly.
9 This was a scholarship from the Parent Teacher’s Organization. I have no idea what the “ha!” refers to, unless it’s that the scholarship was only for $100, which is kind of funny.
10 This must have been a senior class award, although I have no memory of it whatsoever.
11 I do. Two of them. But I thought I’d be opening this ten years ago, and at that time I didn’t. So I
suppose I did not, in fact, actually let myself down in this regard.
12 Ah, a child of the ‘80s.
13 Actually, everybody looks fantastic. And it was really fun catching up with them.



I LOVE this article. And really want to know about the time capsules' discovery in the basement. Risa - you rocked then and still do!


This is great! I wish I'd done this. Hysterical!