I Love Summer.


by Risa Green


I love summer.


I love having nowhere to be, no carpools to drive, no schedules to stick to.


I love the smell of sunscreen mixed with Popsicle juice.


I love drinking sangria with friends while the kids swim in the pool. I love doing laundry that consists entirely of towels.


I love playing family domino tournaments until ten o’clock at night, then sleeping in until nine. I love going out for chocolate chip pancakes at ten.


I love watching fireworks on July 4th. I love cold watermelon on a hot day. I love the sound of the ice cream truck as it jingles through the neighborhood.



I love summer too. There is no better time to actually enjoy my husband and kids than when we are together at the beach or just hanging around at home. I have the most wonderful memories of growing up in the summer time as well. Thanks for the lovely column! Heidi Brodsky www.Heidibrodsky.wordpress.com


Thanks for the reminder of what it's all about. I love everything about Summer!

leslie morgan s...

Leslie Morgan Steiner

Agreed! This is a wonderful column. Thanks, Risa!

I love that swimming pool chlorine works as good or better than a shower.


My favorite thing about summer is that I don't have to pack 7 lunches every morning or make sure that my kids are doing their homework. Our schedule is a lot less structured. I LOVE summer!


Hi Risa,
I am new to this site and I love love love your columns most especially when you list things such as this column above. I feel happy when I read the list and it makes me appreciate summer even more.
Keep the list coming...I plan on printing them out and refering to them when I am having a bad day.