Overnight Camp.

by Risa Green


Thirteen years ago, when my husband (then my boyfriend) was trying to convince me to move with him to Los Angeles from Philadelphia, I agreed to go on one condition: if we ever got married and had children, they would have to go to Camp Kweebec, the overnight camp in Pennsylvania that I attended as a child. My husband thought it was a ridiculous demand, but I was dead serious. You see, overnight camp on the east coast is no joke. You go for eight weeks – that’s right, eight weeks – and your life is never the same afterwards. But on the west coast, camps like that don’t exist. Kids go for a week or two weeks max, and it’s just regular old camp, except you sleep over, usually in fancy, air-conditioned bunks. There’s no color war. There’s no all-camp sing competition. There are no street hockey courts. There’s no writing Risa wuz here on the wall. Most of them don’t even have a lake. Really when you think about it, they shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves overnight camps.


Overnight camp for me was by far one of the best, if not the best, experiences of my life. Nearly every “first” in my life happened at camp. I smoked my first cigarette, shaved my legs for the first time, had my first kiss, drank my first shot, sang my first (and last) solo in a musical. At camp, I learned to be independent and self-sufficient, to fight my own battles, to share personal space, to take showers in front of ten other girls, to fit a whole summer’s worth of stuff into one, three-shelf cubby. I learned what I was good at and what I wasn’t, I learned to love Fleetwood Mac, I learned to eat what was put in front of me, and I learned that putting someone’s hand in warm water while they’re sleeping will only sometimes cause them to pee in their bed. I made great friends, but I also figured out how to live with people I couldn’t really stand. I also learned that if you push your hand hard against the back end of a tampon, the cotton inside will shoot clear across the room.


Ditto, I was just looking at my daughter's camp brochure last night and here you are writing about it. I'm dying over 2 weeks for my daughter (7.5) going away to overnight camp (not so fake but in CA) I couldn't IMAGINE 8 weeks! But once you experience summer camp you really want it for your kids. I hope they enjoy it like we did.


sometimes I can't believe how exactly your column matches my life. same husband deal but my camp is in wisconsin. 8 weeks. this year, 7 year old is also going to "fake camp" in CA for 2 weeks to get the hang of it. she is SO EXCITED. i know i'm going to have to pry her away from the CA camp to hang out with just girls in Wisconsin, but I know it will be the best time she ever has! thanks for reminding me that i'm not alone in my obsession for overnight camp and the amazing life experience it can give our girls.