It is Hard to Wait.

by Risa Green


A few weeks ago I ran into a woman I haven’t seen since my son was in preschool two years ago. We were at the grocery store and started chatting in line, and she mentioned her daughter, who is twelve, so I mentioned that I just wrote a book for girls that age, and told her that she should look it up on Amazon. A few days after that, I ran into her again, which was weird, considering that I hadn’t seen her in two years, and then all of a sudden here she was, twice in the same week. Anyway, she tapped me on the shoulder, and she told me that when she got home from the market that day she and her daughter really did look up my book on Amazon. She said that she ordered it, and then she thanked me for writing it. She and her daughter, she told me, had gotten into a big fight recently about whether she would be allowed to read The Clique, and so she was grateful that I had written something that was age appropriate and positive about friendship, but that also appealed to her daughter.


Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t read The Clique, and I don’t know the first thing about it, so it’s hard for me to make judgments or comparisons. But in any event, I thought it was interesting that this woman made that comment to me, because it’s exactly how I’ve been pitching my book to moms – as an age appropriate, clean book with no sex, no swearing, and a positive message. Although, according to the PR guy at my publisher, it seems that my definition of swearing may be slightly more progressive than others’, as certain family-oriented publications rejected my book for review. It seems that the word “bitch,” and the expression “screw her” actually do still qualify as swear words in some circles. (Who knew??) But that’s beside the point – the point is, it was incredibly validating to get such unsolicited feedback from a mom of a twelve year-old, and I felt really good about putting something out there that moms would approve of.



All I can say is it will certainly be worth the wait! I am a huge fan of your column and I bought your new book for my 12 year old daughter. I gave it to her last night knowing she'd have some time to read this weekend. This morning she slept in pretty late... I went upstairs to check on her and realized she had stayed up half the night reading and finished the book. She said it was so great she couldn't put it down! :)