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Reese Witherspoon

"It's really difficult.  It's hard with small children.  I do feel
 torn, it's agony.  Any mother or father will know it's so hard to deal
 with the guilt of leaving your kids.  I'm about to start a movie; I'm
 nervous.  I'm trying to work close to home so my kids can stay in
 school and we can have a nice, stable life and don't have to miss
 school and things.  I think it's important to support your children's
 dreams, whatever they're interested in.  I don't know if my children
 will be actors.  They're not interested at all.  My daughter wants to
 be a scientist and my son wants to be a pizza delivery guy.  Okay,
 whatever [they] want to do.  I have a pretty regular life.  I wake up
 the children at six in the morning, get them dressed and get them to
 school.  Children are the great
 equalizer:  It doesn't matter how great you think you are, you're just
 a mom.  It's wonderful; it's really inspiring to me.  I love what I
 do, but it also helps me to not do work I don't feel inspired to do
 because I'd rather be with my children if I can"